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How to help your teenager quit smoking

Your teenager turns out to be a smoker and you feel powerless? Kwit gives you the keys to encourage your child to abandon its addiction to tobacco.

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Smoking when you have the flu: bad idea!

You smoke even though you have the flu? This is a really bad idea as both have a direct impact on your respiratory functions. Therefore, you should avoid this combination if you want to avoid any serious health problems. Let’s see all you need to know on this matter.

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Kwit, the 2018 retrospective

2018 is over, it’s time to take stock! 1,891 persons have followed us on social media during the year and the application has been downloaded more than 300,000 times! Now let’s see your achievements and how Kwit has evolved. Here's an analysis of this past year.

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You snore? What if you stopped smoking?

This may have escaped you, but if you smoke and your partner can’t sleep because of your snoring, the two could be linked. Here’s why.

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Is quitting smoking thanks to hypnosis possible?

Among the different solutions you can find to quit smoking, have you ever considered trying hypnosis? Find out more information on this alternative technique, which could perhaps help you overcome your addiction.

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How to convince your partner to stop smoking

« I made up my mind: I quit smoking! » Great, but what if your partner does not want to follow your challenge and continues to smoke? It seems hopeless. Kwit gives you some advices to quit tobacco together with your partner and for good.

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