December 30, 2022

Personal Development

What's the interest of making New Year's resolutions?

The end of the holidays is approaching, and you're already dreading the moment when everyone will talk about New Year's resolutions. That stressful time when everyone is questioning and comparing their new goals. What's the point? No one ever keeps them! At Kwit, we've done a little investigation for you! And who knows? After reading this article, your New Year's resolution will be to quit smoking.

The origin of New Year's resolutions:

The origin of New Year's resolutions goes back to Antiquity. It was initially a ritual made by the Babylonians where they promised their gods to return the material borrowed during the year, to pay back their debts... to start the year serenely, a new beginning in short.

Therefore, we can see that the interest of the New Year's resolutions was to get rid of the things that weighed on our conscience to start the year in all serenity.

What we have kept from this tradition:

Today this spirit persists. Because New Year's resolutions are almost always about little flaws that we would like to eliminate, that's the whole point: to bring out all our potential to become the best version of ourselves.

You will never hear someone resolve to "Stop being kind and respectful to my colleagues", but you might hear "Be more kind to my colleagues." This shows us that year-end resolutions are rooted in a model of positive self-improvement and self-improvement.

And that's the beautiful thing about being human, we have a constant need to evolve and exceed ourselves!

This year, it's your turn to show off!

But when that change can change your life, it's even better! That's why this year, at Kwit, we want to help you keep your New Year's resolution!

Because getting help is not cheating!

What do you think about us helping you keep a New Year's resolution that can change your life? Bring you health, financial and energy benefits?

That's right, we're talking about quitting smoking!

You know that New Year's resolution you keep putting off year after year?

What if it was time to take the plunge? What if this was the year to quit smoking?

All you have to do is download Kwit!

What should we remember?

It's up to you to make this year a game-changer!

Let us help you quit smoking! Download Kwit!

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