January 2, 2023


The 4 mistakes to avoid when quitting smoking

When we embark on a personal battle to change our lives, we naturally want to put all the chances on our side so that it works. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when you quit smoking is therefore highly recommended! Don't forget: to win, you must be prepared!

Mistake to avoid n°1 when you quit smoking: Not being sure of what you want!

When you go hiking, you must know your destination and the route to follow! Otherwise, you risk getting lost on the way.

When you quit smoking, it's the same thing. You have to know what you want and be sure of it! So please don't go into a fight without being fully convinced that what you could gain is worth it!

As Amelia Earhardt said, "The hardest part is deciding to act, the rest is just tenacity." So make your goal clear and specific and jump into the deep end!

When you want to, you can!

We, therefore, advise you to refrain from starting half-convinced or half motivated! Do things 100% and above all: do it for yourself first!

Mistake to avoid n°2 when quitting smoking: Not telling your loved ones!

Many people trying to quit smoking do not tell those around them for fear of judgment or pressure.

This is such a shame!

One of the first risks is that someone close to you will offer you a cigarette without knowing that you are trying to quit smoking.

The second risk is that they won't understand the changes in your behavior, one of the most common symptoms of quitting smoking being irritability. Unfortunately, this can lead to misunderstanding and friction!

Avoid these additional problems by being honest and transparent about your desire to quit smoking.

The final risk is that by not letting them know, you are depriving yourself of valuable help and support that you need!

It is during these difficult times that you need the most support!

Mistake to avoid n°3 when quitting smoking: Thinking that nothing will change!

If you think that starting to quit smoking won't upset your habits too much, you'll be disappointed and frustrated when you realize the opposite!

On the other hand, if you start this smoking cessation program by accepting that some things in your daily life will inevitably change, your smoking cessation will be immediately more serene!

Because a big decision implies big changes, and that's natural!

You will have to rebuild your world without tobacco, your routine without cigarettes.

But it's exciting! Because it's a whole new beginning.

You will finally have the opportunity to shape your life according to your desires, by finally being freed from all the dictates that addiction had on your daily life: no more going out on Sunday to find in vain an open tobacco shop, no more need to go out in the cold or in the rain to smoke a cigarette.

Enjoy this new freedom!

Mistake to avoid n°4 when quitting smoking: Being too hard on yourself!

Many people set their goals too high and give up when they don't achieve them.

But remember, you are a human being, not a robot! And that's the beauty of the struggle you're going through.

Take it one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. There is no point in rushing, do things at your own pace.

And if at some point you break down, don't be too hard on yourself. On the contrary, congratulate yourself for not giving up and for having the strength to get back up! When you quit smoking, kindness is the key word.

Be easy on yourself, you've made a great decision and the effort you put in every day makes you an incredible person!

Breaking an addiction takes a lot of courage. There are bound to be ups and downs, and the struggle will not be easy every day. But you must not lose faith in yourself! Believe in yourself! That's what will take you far!

To quote Georges Clemenceau, "There is only one way to fail, and that is to give up before you succeed."

So don't give up and trust yourself!

What to remember:

You are now fully aware of the mistakes to avoid when quitting smoking!

Don't forget, you can ask for help! You are not alone!

We're here to support you, so download Kwit.

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