October 9, 2023


I want to quit smoking, but where do I start?

It's all very well to want to stop smoking! But where do you start? In this article, we reveal the existence of a significant ally in your smoking cessation process: nicotine replacement therapies. Curious?

Is this it? The big day? Did you wake up this morning and put aside that little voice telling you, "Not today, I'll stop tomorrow."? Well, congratulations! Because that was the most challenging step. So, welcome to the beginning of your new life! A new life that offers many benefits, from your health to your wallet! It's all a dream, we agree! But how do you get there?

It's time to choose your team!

To win a match, you need a good team!

In the fight against smoking, it's essential to have the proper support and follow-up.

Don't neglect the importance of support from those closest to you because who better than your friends and family to become your support group throughout your withdrawal? Don't hesitate to inform them of your decision because only some days will be easy, so a few shouts of support from the stands won't go amiss!

As you know, behind every champion is a medical team to support them. So make no exception! A specialist will be able to support and advise you, not only by proposing the solution best suited to your situation but also by giving tips to help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter as you quit smoking. According to one study, the support of a healthcare professional increases the chances of successfully quitting smoking by +40%.

Finally, each team has its own coach, right? Someone who uses the best tactics and strategy to lead his champion to victory. If yours were the Kwit app, it would be more than just an app; it would support, advise, and motivate you throughout the match to help you achieve victory! Together, let's knock out tobacco!

Nicotine substitutes: the secret tactic in this game!

To win a match, you need to give yourself every chance. That's why the coach, in consultation with the medical team, can recommend the following tactics: nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

But what are nicotine replacement therapies or NRTs?

NRTs are products designed to help smokers quit by providing nicotine in a controlled way, without using cigarettes. They help reduce nicotine dependence and ease withdrawal symptoms. They generally come in the form of patches, chewing gums, lozenges, inhalers, and oral vaporizers. A healthcare professional generally supervises these methods.

Now, imagine that nicotine replacement therapy is the unstoppable tactic proposed to lead you to victory!?

If you're one of those athletes who avoids nicotine as if it were a formidable opponent, relax! Nicotine isn't public enemy number one, unlike other culprits like carbon monoxide or tar. It is, however, the addictive substance responsible for tobacco addiction. Hence, the importance of weaning yourself off gradually when you want to stop smoking.

In this case, the dose of nicotine administered by the nicotine substitute is an essential factor in the success of smoking cessation. To be effective, the patch or oral route must deliver a quantity of nicotine roughly identical to that the smoker used to get from cigarettes.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of these techniques in the field - provided, of course, that the rules are followed!

Let the match begin!

That's it, and you're ready to get out of the locker room and get on with the game! Victory awaits! Start your new tobacco-free life now.

Need a private coach to boost you and help you win the match? Download Kwit!

To learn more about nicotine substitutes and how to use them wisely, read the article "How can they radically transform your smoking cessation?".

Good game!

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