Quit smoking easily with Kwit!

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Quitting smoking has never been easier!

Decades of research at your service

Quit smoking with our mobile app and get all the help you need for every situation.

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Keep track of your progress

With your dashboard, track your progress daily from the day you decide to quit smoking. Indicators such as money saved, cigarettes not smoked, life expectancy gained and many others will motivate you to continue your smoking cessation!

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Get ready to stop smoking with our program

Our quit smoking application accompanies you in your journey, from the moment you think about quitting to the moment you are completely free of cigarettes.

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A tool to deal with cravings

Our application offers you strategies to cope with your cravings. This feature will help you better understand your dependence and free yourself from it!

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A follow-up of nicotine substitutes and vape

You use nicotine substitutes or vape to quit smoking? Our application allows you to measure, understand and reduce your nicotine consumption to achieve at your own pace to achieve the complete stop.

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Breathe, you can do it!

With our breathing exercises, you learn to regain control of your emotions when you stop smoking.

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The secret of success

Shake your phone to unlock exclusive tips and messages of encouragement! With our motivational cards, you'll never feel alone again when quitting smoking.

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A quit smoking application designed for you and with you!

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I like to see how my body just improves every day and when I reach some body goals I am happy and satisfied. Kwit helped me so much also because it makes me see how far I’ve come.


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I would advise potential Kwitters to continue to dream, wish and imagine the life they want as much as possible.


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I like everything in the app to be quite honest. I like to see how money I’ve saved and the days I’ve quit. The longer I stopped the nicer it feels!


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What I like about the app is that it support your decision, efficiently, without being invasive. Reviewing the improvements day by day and unlocking achievements really motivated me.


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What I like most is that the app is motivating. I like the fact that we receive reports on our health, for example, the last one I received is: "you are less sensitive to diseases". And it's true, I can already see a huge difference.

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Kwit looks complete and harmonious. I was able to follow my progress day after day, it was inspiring. If I had to give some advice to people who want to quit smoking, I would tell them that quitting smoking with Kwit is worth it!

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