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A scientific approach to smoking cessation

Inspired by cognitive and behavioral therapy principles, Kwit has developed a playful and original approach, with no nicotine substitute, to help you quit smoking. Designed like a game, the app helps you overcome the withdrawal symptoms through different and personalized strategies to resist the desire to smoke.

A personalized dashboard to stop smoking

From your profile and dashboard, keep track of your day-to-day progress and see how your smoking cessation evolved. The number of days without a cigarette, the amount of money you saved, the number of non-smoked cigarettes but also the state of your lungs, getting better each day — all these are encouraging indicators that show you that your efforts are worthy. With Kwit, you will never be alone again to quit smoking!

Quitting diary
Your diary to keep track of your smoking cessation journey

A craving? A relapse? This is not the end of the world. Note your missteps to understand your relationship to smoking and learn how to overcome it. Smoking cessation is specific to each person. With Kwit, find out your own way to quit smoking definitely.

Unlock achievements
From small victories to big celebrations

Because motivation is nurtured by encouragement, every stage of smoking cessation is celebrated as a victory. Unlock goals one by one until you quit smoking for good.

Shake your phone
Shake to stay motivated

A strong craving? Shake your phone. We will always be there to boost your morale with exclusive tips and motivational messages. Quitting smoking requires motivation, keep it up with Kwit!

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You can be proud of yourself

Quitting smoking is a personal victory. We are committed to not sharing your personal information and protecting your privacy.

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A follow-up of your consumption of nicotine substitutes

Measure, understand and reduce your use of nicotine substitutes to reduce your nicotine consumption step by step until you stop. From now on, you have all the keys to understand your use of patches, gums and finally reduce your nicotine consumption at your own pace!

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Monitoring your vape use

Thanks to Kwit, you can easily follow your consumption of e-liquid bottles and pods in order to be sure to have the right dosage of nicotine. You will then be able to reduce your consumption, step by step, without any risk of reappearance of smoking withdrawal symptoms.

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