July 29, 2020


Voices of Kwitters â€” Ludivine's testimonial

Ludivine quit smoking thanks to her boyfriend, a non-smoker. In this article, she tells us about her journey towards a tobacco-free life.

« My decision to quit smoking »

I smoked my first cigarette on the day of the school certificate, I was stressed and a friend handed me a cigarette. Then, I started smoking regularly at the age of 15.

When I turned 21, I made the decision to quit. I was smoking between 5 and 6 cigarettes a day during the week and a little more on weekends.

Money was my main motivation, but I was also thinking that if I didn't do it now, I would probably never do it, which is not good for me, for those around me, or for my future.

« I had a choice to make: smoking or travelling »

My non-smoking boyfriend was my trigger, we were preparing our holiday kitty when, financially, I had a choice to make: smoking or travelling. The choice was not difficult, it was either to deteriorate my health or to live happy with my man.

I prepared myself for this stop because I had a few packs of cigarettes left. So I started by reducing my consumption to a maximum of 3 cigarettes a day. Sometimes I managed to smoke only one, sometimes I cracked and smoked a 4th one, but I didn't exceed that number for a month. I did this until the last cigarette of my last pack, the objective was not to buy any more after the end of this "stock". I decreased my consumption from June 6th 2019 and definitively stopped on June 29th 2019.

The first few days were not easy, but it was less difficult than I thought. I was sure I was going to be very nervous and anxious, but I was not. However, I was surprised by the insomnia that lasted more than a week, I discovered that it's a common effect due to the lack of nicotine.

« A craving is only temporary, so you have to keep your mind off it for a few minutes »

Sometimes I have a few cravings, but they are less frequent and less intense than before.

When I have a craving for a cigarette, I eat gum, drink a big glass of water in one go or simply change places. A craving is only temporary (a few minutes) so you have to keep your mind off it during these minutes and the urge to smoke is gone.

My experience with Kwit

A friend was sharing his exploits with screenshots of the app on linkInstagram("Instagram"), so I asked him questions about it and then installed it.

What I like about Kwit is that I can track my savings and see how many cigarettes I would have smoked if I hadn't quit. It makes me realize how many times I've said "no". Registering my triggers and feelings into the app shows that most cigarettes are no longer smoked out of need but out of desire and habit.

When I was reducing my consumption, each time I clicked on "I cracked", I felt a shame and disgust towards myself, which I didn't want to feel, whereas each time I clicked on "I resisted", I felt proud and this is what I wanted to feel every day. It's a small feature on the application but it was essential for me.

I wish there were several possibilities for people who decrease their consumption and then stop, because in the app, the successes are unlocked with the time that passes since the downloading of the application, not with a real follow-up. I wish there had been the possibility of smoking less and then one day click on "I quit" and start to unlock these successes.

My advice to future Kwitters

Find your own motivation, don't do it for others. When you have that trigger, take the plunge ! It’s now or never if you want to be proud of yourself and have no regrets.

You quit smoking with Kwit? Feel free to contact us at social@kwit.app, we would love to hear more about your experience as a Kwitter. Like Ludivine, tell us about your path to a smoke-free life!

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