July 11, 2022


Does acupuncture work to stop smoking?

Many natural methods to quit smoking are under debate in the scientific community. It’s just so happens to be the case with acupuncture: does it work to stop smoking?

acupuncture for quitting smoking

This is the question we were recently asked:

"I'm trying to quit smoking, and I'm wondering about natural methods, for example: does acupuncture work to stop smoking?"

Here is our answer to this question!

Acupuncture is not recognized today as a method that has proven its effectiveness.

As we already mentioned in our article on alternative methods to quit smoking, although acupuncture is sometimes recommended to quit smoking, its effectiveness has never been proven.

Studies have shown that in order to quit smoking, doing nothing is as effective as using acupuncture.

Note that if it is done in a structured way, this method is not dangerous. On the other hand, beware of methods that are not supervised by professionals, which can lead to serious complications such as pneumothorax (lung failure).

In conclusion, acupuncture is not better than placebo. Therefore, we recommend that you turn to scientifically validated methods that have proven their effectiveness, such as cognitive behavioral therapies.

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