August 6, 2019


Why is summer the best time to quit smoking?

Whether you are under the palm trees or on your balcony, you have decided to take advantage of summer to stop smoking. Good news: you did the right choice!

Whether you are under the palm trees or on your balcony, you have decided to take advantage of summer to stop smoking. Good news: you did the right choice, summer is a good time to quit smoking.

Your daily rhythm slows down, less stress, more sunshine and above all a desire to take care of yourself, your body and improve your general well-being. Summer is also the ideal time to adopt new behaviours: healthier and more balanced. Usually this means resuming a sporting activity and an adapted diet. Take advantage of this energy and natural desire to start your smoking cessation in complete serenity. The summer break is indeed the perfect time to overcome all the symptoms of smoking cessation.

Why start quitting smoking in the summer?

Goodbye routine and change of habits

In summer, habits change, the routine slowly moves away and a new rhythm sets in. Our daily reflexes are then likely to change and with them: our smoking habits.

Whether you stay at home, or go abroad, stay with friends, rent or stay in a hotel, other morning rituals are being set up, the days go by but they are not the same, so it is easier to resist the urge to smoke. The times when you used to smoke no longer exist. The key moments of the day change: other breakfast ingredients, traditional coffee is replaced by a large glass of fresh fruit juice, the place is different and the people around you may also be around. Take advantage of this summer to reinvent yourself, participate in the creation of another version of yourself: healthier, happier and healthier without cigarettes.

Relaxation and relaxation the keys to success

It is well known that summer is a time of relaxation when (almost) everything runs in slow motion. Consequences? Less pressure, less stress, less emergencies and especially fewer problems. Take advantage of this temporary calm to relax and release the pressure. Take care of yourself and rest: if you feel good in your body and mind, the lack of cigarettes will be less noticeable.

Treat yourself differently

You used to associate cigarettes with pleasure. Good news: with summer and the changes of habit, you have the opportunity to learn to enjoy yourself in a different way. Take time for yourself, to do activities that you would not normally do due to lack of time or desire.

During the holidays your time is no longer composed of planned elements, so enjoy it! Plan activities to take your mind off it as soon as you feel like smoking: reading, walking, sports, visiting…

This summer is a unique opportunity to become more attentive to yourself, your well-being and your health. Keep this state of mind and you will quickly notice the changes: the reappearance of food flavours and a more developed sense of smell for example.

Being aware of the changes that occur in your body during withdrawal will give you extra pride and motivation: everything you need to say goodbye to smoking for good!

Kwit's advice

To start smoking cessation in the summer, you must follow 3 steps.


The first is to understand your addiction. Identify your relationship to smoking: when did you smoke? Why? Why? How did you feel before lighting a cigarette? What emotions did this bring to you? Trying to understand what emotions you wanted to feel while smoking will allow you to find them through other activities.


The second step is to anticipate the moments when you might get out of control: aperitifs, outings or barbecues with friends. These summer temptations will probably make you want to smoke, especially if you are accompanied by smokers. Hang in there! Hang in there! Tell these smoking friends that you have quit, and explain that it will be a real challenge for you to resist during these moments. They will be more careful, and the temptation will certainly be less strong. Anticipating these events will allow you to prepare yourself physically and psychologically. A desire to smoke? Open Kwit: you will see at a glance all the progress made (the money saved, the number of smoked cigarettes etc). The application will give you an extra motivation, and if that wasn't enough: don't panic! Even superheroes have flaws. You have the right not to be perfect and to let go. Thanks to Kwit, you will understand these relapses and anticipate them better and better. Don't doubt it: you will succeed!


You have enough strength in you to overcome your desires! Help yourself as you can:

  • Talk to your family and friends, they will be happy to help you.

  • Shake your phone when you are on Kwit, a motivation card will appear and help you to overcome your desire.

  • Gain self-confidence: you can do it!


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