January 28, 2022


How does Kwit protect your personal data?

On this European Data Protection Day, we want to tell you more about how we manage your personal information.

On this day, the European council aims to raise awareness among the European population on the importance of protecting their data. This day encourages us to watch over our right of freedom, including respecting our privacy and disclosing it within our consent. Kwit considers the protection of its users' personal data as one of its priorities and wishes to share with you the answers to questions regularly asked on this subject.

Your personal data at Kwit: how we use it

On this European Day, Kwit has decided to explain how we use and store your data. Personal data has become a very common topic since we are asked to provide it when creating an account and/or subscribing to a service. But what is "personal data"?

According to the CNIL, "personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person." So any information about your identity or habits are qualified as such. That's why today we would like to share with you more details about managing your data entered in the application.

Only necessary information is requested

When you launch the application and reboot it, we ask you for information about your (current or former) smoking habits. We invite you to tell us how many cigarettes you smoke per day, how many cigarettes are contained in the pack you usually buy and the price of this pack. This information will only be used to guarantee you optimal use of the application so that we can guide you during your smoking cessation.

We may also ask you for additional information if you choose to begin using Kwit with the Smoking Cessation Preparation Program. For example, we will ask you to tell us your main reason for quitting, your motivational state, your benchmark, your age, your gender, when you started smoking and how many quit attempts you have made. Some other questionnaires can be proposed to you, which measure: your type of motivation, your level and type of dependence, your obstacles to quitting smoking and your fears. This data is kept because it is necessary to personalize your journey in order to provide you with the most accurate help and the most relevant feedback.

The creation of your account is essential to save your progress

We ask you to create an account for the sole purpose of saving your progress within our application. It doesn't matter if you create it with your personal email or your Google / Facebook / Apple account, what is important to us is that we can link your progress to an email address that will be anonymous later with identification in our database. This way, if you need to change phones, you can simply log back into the application to load your current progress on your new phone.

After all, saving your progress on Kwit is a bit like saving your game on your favorite video game, if you don't do it you have to start all over again. That would be a shame, no one would want to see all their progress deleted in one go just because they were finally able to afford a new phone, thanks to the money they saved by quitting smoking and the challenge they set themselves directly with Kwit!

Your data will not be sold to third parties

We would like to remind you that your data will not be shared or sold to third parties. The data you provide is only used for your use of the application and will not be monetized or exchanged for other information. We would also like to inform you that all your data is encrypted and protected in our database.

At Kwit you are in control of your personal data

We want to remind you that you always own your data even after you have entered it into the application. Moreover, we allow you to delete your personal data directly from the application settings without necessarily contacting us. This way, you are and will always remain free of them without us having any say in the matter.

If you want more information, feel free to contact us on hello@kwit.app or go to the Terms of Use from our blog or from the application's settings.

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