December 30, 2020


Voices of Kwitters — Damiën's testimonial

Testimonials of former smokers are very important for people who want to quit smoking. It’s essential for these Kwitters and future Kwitters to know that quitting smoking is within everyone's reach, despite difficult times.

In this article, Damiën shares his experience with you and explains how the Kwit application supports him in his smoking cessation.

“She asked if I wanted to try and obviously as a kid... I smoked too.”

My first cigarette was when I was 11, young I know. I had a friend, who was 12-13, that used to smoke. We were outside walking heading the cafe of her mom, where my friend smoked one cigarette. She asked if I wanted to try and obviously as a kid... I smoked too. Just once. Then, when I was 13, I started smoking regularly.

“I decided to stop smoking for my boyfriend.”

When I was 22, I decided to stop smoking for my boyfriend. He has asthma and the cigarettes were not good for him. I smoked a large pack of cigarettes a day. 32 cigarettes, I guess. One night, my pack was almost empty, looking outside and out of nowhere, I stopped liking the taste.

“I got very angry and emotional about small things.”

When I quit smoking, the only thing people noticed and of course myself, was that I got very angry and emotional about small things. I overcame most of it and I’m still working on it 9 months later.

“I started smoking one cigarette and I didn’t like it anymore.”

In 9 months I had one relapse which took me only to buy a pack, start smoking one cigarette. I didn’t like it anymore.

My only cravings were food afterwards, the cravings are still there for the cigarettes, more because I’m bored, not because I need it. Today, I still have cravings but not as those I got in the beginning.

My experience with Kwit

I discovered Kwit by an advertising on Instagram. My boyfriend who knew I wanted to quit also saw it and sent it to me. I didn't hesitate. I really wanted to quit smoking for him and for myself.

I like everything in the app to be quite honest. I like to see how money I’ve saved and the days I’ve quit. The longer I stopped the nicer it feels!

My advice to Kwitter and future Kwitters

If I can do it, you can too. I was so addicted to smoking, every bit of stress I put one on. The moment you’ll be able to resist when someone is giving you one. It goes much easier. Saying no to yourself is easy, no to someone else isn’t.

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