February 18, 2021


The Daily check-in: the New Kwit Feature to Support you Day by Day

Did you know that Kwit, the application to quit smoking, had a new feature? The Daily Check-in is designed to support you on a daily basis and accompany you in your smoking cessation.

As you certainly know, when you quit smoking it's important to be supported. It can be by your relatives, by professionals, but also by an application like Kwit! Moreover, to help you in this ordeal, our application has a new feature: the Daily check-in. We explain everything to you!

A new feature to support and motivate you

Have you ever wondered for a moment how you were doing? How did you feel at the time? In everyday life, if we don't pay attention to it, it can be difficult to realize our dominant state, the emotion that prevails in us. Often, we pay more attention to emotions when they are strong, and tend to hide them when they are more moderate. However, emotions play an important role in our well-being, so it's important to be aware of them. In addition, remember that remaining a nonsmoker requires a thorough knowledge of your emotions. Combined with a reflection on your level of confidence, recording your emotions will teach you to better identify what you are feeling. By making you reflect on your current state, the Daily check-in will help you make a habit of it and help you in your fight against your dependence to cigarettes.

How to use this new feature?

Every day, Kwit will send you a notification to check up on you. The first time you will use the Daily check-in, you will be able to specify the time of the day when you want to receive this notification. You will then be invited to answer a few questions, which will allow the application to keep track of your daily tracking.

First of all, you will be invited to choose among 5 great emotions, the one that dominates your mood of the moment. These 5 emotions have been classified by Eckman, and it's on them that the movie Inside out is based. After selecting this emotion, you will be able to choose up to three sub-emotions that are affiliated with it. When you do this exercise, you might think that today you just feel "normal". In fact, feeling normal isn't an emotion per se. Often, we are only aware of our emotions when they are particularly intense. When they are not, however, it's harder to identify them and it's during these moments that we feel "normal". In this situation, it's therefore important to identify our dominant emotion in order to understand our state of mind. For example, calm or serenity are low intensity emotions that are part of the family of joy.

After selecting the emotion and sub-emotions corresponding to your state of mind, you can, if you wish, write a few words to summarize your feelings. To avoid the white page syndrome, the application will offer you several examples to start your sentences.

The last thing you will be asked to fill out is your confidence level to remain smoke-free today. You don't have to answer this question, but it may help you see where you stand in your smoking cessation. You will then be able to take stock, think about the habits you still want to change and the solutions available to you to avoid possible relapses.

After completing your daily follow-up, a screen summarizing your entries will appear. You will then be able to modify them if necessary and go back. Note however that it's only possible to fill this information once a day. You will also be able to find your emotion history in a new section of your statistics, where you will be free to choose between weekly, monthly or yearly display.

In addition to the new feature, a redesign of the main screen!

Good news never comes alone! This new feature comes with an overhaul of your profile. It now groups your dashboard and your achievements on a single screen. To always have an eye on the next achievement to complete, we've also added a shortcut to your profile that tells you what the next success to unlock is.

We can't wait to see you use this new feature which we hope will help you quit smoking! Don't wait any longer to test it, it's already available on the your store ! Feel free to share your feelings with us by writing to hello@kwit.app or by writing a review on the store. We would also be delighted to discover your new dashboard with your Kwitter exploits, so don't hesitate to share a screenshot of it on your networks by using #kwitapp and mentioning us! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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