October 16, 2019


Voices of Kwitters — Leraphistador's testimonial

Testimonials from former smokers can encourage and support people who would like to quit smoking but are reluctant to do so. It is important for these future Kwitters to know that they are fully capable of quitting smoking, too.

Hello Kwitters, I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my experience with your community because I've been trying to do it with mine since I quit smoking, which is exactly 51 days, 15 hours, 58 minutes and 54 seconds ago!

« I wanted to do like everyone else »

I remember my first cigarette, in junior high school, in 7th grade. My father was driving down a street near my school on his way home that day. I got caught right away… Haha. Actually, I wanted to do like grown-ups.

I really started smoking in high school, so about ten years ago. At that time, I wanted to do what everyone else did. Maslow would say it was about the need of belonging; my parents that I was impressionable (and they would be right!!!!!).

When I made the decision to quit, I was 26 years old. I was smoking 15 to 20 cigarettes a day. As I am generous by nature, I always gave one when a smoker was asking me for it. You can imagine the budget…

« I quit smoking because I wanted to be a better person »

I quit smoking after a break-up and because of my desire to become a better person. This involved tobacco, but also other things like sport, food, administrative order, etc…

My first days of withdrawal were like hell on earth: I had terrible cravings for the first 5 days. I was irritable and had trouble getting rid of boredom. It made me realize how much I was not a free person! I needed my fix to feel happy… how awful! It is a good thing that ridicule never killed anyone.

I relapsed once, when I was having a few drinks… I'm lucky that I was already deprived and I didn't like it! As a result, I was delighted to know that smoking no longer gave me satisfaction. The advice I can give is to immediately log your relapse on the app, in order to understand the situation in which it occurred and avoid it… at least for the first 30 days!

Today, I sometimes have cravings when I drink alcohol, but they are incomparable with the first ones, which were very intense! Today's are relatively short and weak. My personal tip for quitting smoking is to brush my teeth because I hate smoking with the taste of toothpaste. This method is patented! 😉

My experience with Kwit

I discovered Kwit by writing "tobacco" on the App Store. What I liked about the app was the cigarette counter, the money saved and the gamified interface with points, levels and achievements. The best part is that you really feel like you're doing something useful for yourself!

This app helped me in my withdrawal, especially thanks to the success sharing system that allowed me to create a lot of stories on Instagram. When you share your successes with your loved ones, it's a form of commitment. Going back on my commitment… is like making a fool of myself and I hate it!

The app could be extended by adding other lifestyle tools: pedometer, nutrition, sports tracking, meditation, etc… I'm sure it's in your roadmap…!

My advice to Kwitters and future Kwitters

To all those who do not dare to take the plunge, I could only encourage you to ask yourself these questions « In the long term: what do I gain from smoking? What's in it for me to stop? What do I lose from smoking? What do I lose by quitting smoking? »

For the record, thanks to my savings, I was able to really enjoy the sales. This allowed me to change my wardrobe for the summer… especially because I lost 32 pounds by adopting a new lifestyle with Kwit! I really needed this!

You quit smoking with Kwit? Feel free to contact us at hello@kwit.app, we would love to hear more about your experience as a Kwitter. Like Leraphistador, tell us about your path to a smoke-free life!

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