May 28, 2020


Understand your use of NRT and vape with Kwit

Kwit now allows you to track your nicotine consumption by recording your NRT (gums and patches) and the pods or bottles of e-liquids of your vape.

Here are all the keys to understand your use of patches, gums and vape and finally reduce your nicotine consumption step by step!

Why is monitoring nicotine consumption essential?

NRT and vape are withdrawal tools that help reduce the symptoms associated with quitting smoking and the feeling of withdrawal.

At the beginning of your withdrawal, it is essential to consume the right amount of nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. Afterwards, understanding and measuring your nicotine consumption will allow you to gradually reduce the use of these tools.

The new feature allows you to:

  • Measure: record your NRT or e-liquids and accurately track your nicotine consumption day by day and effortlessly.

  • Understand: determine the circumstances and emotions that trigger cravings to better understand and overcome them step by step.

  • Reduce: Reduce your nicotine intake step by step until you stop.

This is an effective way to become aware of your nicotine consumption, to analyze your needs and related behaviors, to understand them and to reduce your use of NRT and vape at your own pace.

How to use this new feature?

Quitting smoking is a real challenge, and many of you are using nicotine substitutes or vape to help you, little by little, to free yourself from your addiction. It is therefore to meet your needs that Kwit has chosen to develop the possibility to inform and analyze nicotine consumption.

This new feature has been designed to perfect and personalize the support during withdrawal, while allowing everyone to find the way to stop smoking that suits him best.

You will first be able to record your gums, patches and the pods or bottles of e-liquid. Then, each time you feel like smoking, you will be able to choose between different strategies: vaping, taking a gum, putting on a patch, drawing a motivational card, etc. The goal is that you find the strategy that suits you best according to your need at a given moment.

Finally, Kwit proposes you to analyze each of the strategies implemented and their efficiency thanks to the statistics.

They have tested it, they tell you!

To help you understand the usefulness of nicotine monitoring, here is our FAQ.

<p class="green">I use nicotine gums, how can Kwit help me?</p>

In the beginning, it is important to have enough nicotine In the beginning, it is important to have enough nicotine to compensate for your previous cigarette consumption. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to record and track your gum and nicotine consumption accurately.

You will then be able to determine your nicotine requirement and its triggers and you will be able to calmly reduce your gum consumption without the risk of relapse.

<p class="green">I use patches how can Quit can help me?</p>

Thanks to Kwit, you will be able to record each of the patches used and their dosage. Determining the dosage necessary to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal will thus be easier.

You will also be able to measure precisely when and why these cravings occur and be sure not to reduce the nicotine dosage of your patches too early.

<p class="green">I would like to quit vaping, how can Quit can help me?</p>

It is very common, when you want to reduce the doses of nicotine in your bottles of e-liquid, to reduce too quickly which ended up in making you feel like vaping twice as much.

With Kwit, you no longer have this problem since you can measure this precisely. Therefore, reducing or adjusting the dosage is well-thought-out and based on actual data.

Don't wait any longer to test it on this new feature, already available on the App Store.


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