June 22, 2021


13 easy ways to stop smoking

How to quit smoking? Here are 13 easy ways to stop smoking!

When you quit smoking, it's good to put all the chances on your side to succeed. Kwit gives you its 13 easy ways to stop smoking! Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Keep in mind, however, that the notion of ease is specific to each person, and therefore some of these ways may not help you. But the point is not to try to do them all, but rather to choose the ones that work best for you and make them part of your routine. Feel free to pick and choose from this list of tips and come back to it as often as you like!

Our first easy way to stop smoking is list all the reasons you have to quit. These reasons are what motivate you to give up a habit, sometimes anchored for years, so they will motivate you again!

They can be of many kinds, and if you're looking for a few, this list may be able to inspire you. πŸ’‘

If you want to stop smoking today, go for it! If you want a little more time to prepare yourself, we advise you to set a quit date as soon as possible to make it more concrete. You can then prepare with that date in mind, so you'll be motivated like never before on the big day! πŸ“†

Maybe there are many easy ways to stop smoking. However, we advise you not to close any doors, even if it means trying several techniques before finding the one that suits you the best.

There are in fact as many ways to stop smoking as there are smokers, and it would therefore be foolish to close doors on yourself because you are stuck on a single way, wanting to stop smoking in a perfect way!

Another easy way to stop smoking is to use Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, or CBTs, by downloading Kwit.

CBTs are one of the only non-medicinal approaches scientifically recognized as being effective in smoking cessation. That's why Kwit, our application that helps you stop smoking in a fun and caring way, is entirely based on CBTs!

CBTs help you understand the origin of your behaviors, in this case your dependence on cigarettes, and help you find strategies to change them. If you want to try this approach, download Kwit! πŸ“±

You've probably heard about withdrawal symptoms and are looking for a way to avoid them. To do this, you need to understand where they come from. By smoking, your body has become accustomed to nicotine, and you have probably become addicted to it. When you stop smoking, your body is no longer supplied with nicotine and sends you signals to encourage you to smoke: these are the symptoms of smoking withdrawal.

An easy way to stop smoking while limiting withdrawal symptoms is to use nicotine replacement therapy, which will help you meet your nicotine needs and gradually get rid of this substance. This is especially true if your level of dependence is high. By the way, you should know that the Premium version of Kwit has a module that allows you to track your use of substitutes, which helps you regulate your nicotine intake over time! 🦸

Stop smoking can be difficult, so don't be ashamed to ask a health professional for advice if you feel the need. A pharmacist, a doctor, a tobaccologist or an addictologist will be there to guide you and help you find the best ways to stop smoking easily, putting all the chances on your side.

These health professionals will be able to suggest the most suitable substitutes and help you establish a personalized action plan to stop. They will also be able to reassure you about the withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing. πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

When you stop smoking, it's important to have all the help you can get. Your loved ones will probably be there to support you through this ordeal. Some of them may even be former smokers and can give you some advice that helped them quit smoking! Tell them about your desire to quit smoking so that they know how to support you.

When going through an ordeal like smoking withdrawal, what could be more motivating than rewarding yourself along the way? You can do this with the money you saved by quitting smoking! To do this, it's easy, just put the money you saved in a glass jar. On the jar, write down what you want to buy with the money. You can then easily look at it when you feel less motivated, to remember why you decided to quit smoking, and to remind yourself how far you've come. You can of course replace this glass jar with a piggy bank or put the money in a dedicated bank account.

Quitting smoking is the perfect way to set aside money to take care of yourself, and realize projects or trips you've been wanting to do for a long time! πŸ’°

Cravings often occur when you're bored. During these times, it's important to keep your mind busy! In order to always have ideas to entertain yourself, we recommend you to prepare a boredom box from which you can simply pick!

This box will be useful to keep you busy during the times when you were used to smoking, like during your break at work. But also know that to counteract boredom, you can check your Kwit app and reminisce about everything you've already accomplished. πŸ’«

At least in the early stages of smoking withdrawal, an easy way to stop smoking and remain a non-smoker is to get away from bad temptations that might trigger a craving. Choose non-smoking areas to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. If you are forced to frequent smoking areas, even briefly, learn to say no to cigarettes that may be offered to you. Similarly, if you were used to being around smokers who refuse to make an effort in your presence or even push you to return to your old habit, it may be best to avoid them in the early stages of your withdrawal. Finally, if you're going out partying, focus on non-alcoholic drinks as alcoholic beverages often make you crave cigarettes. πŸ§ƒ

Cravings usually last only a few minutes. If you're caught by one, you can put off the urge by saying to yourself, β€œI'm not going to smoke that cigarette for 10 minutes”. During those 10 minutes, keep your mind busy to put the urge in the background. This is the perfect time to try the breathing exercises proposed by Kwit!

After 10 minutes, there is a good chance that the craving has passed, or at least reduced in intensity. You can repeat this exercise as often as necessary, and even extend its duration. πŸ•°

If you have smoked a cigarette, don't blame yourself! As they say, to err is human, and you can always pick yourself up and continue your quit. When quitting smoking more than ever, it's important to be kind with yourself and to accept that a small slip isn't a failure, and isn't a relapse. And even if you do relapse, you can stop smoking again!

However, it's worthwhile to analyze those cigarettes you might smoke. Try to smoke them mindfully, keeping in mind the reasons why you lit them. This will allow you to emerge stronger by finding alternative strategies to apply if these situations come up again. πŸ’ͺ

You may have noticed that you have recurring cravings at particular times. When they occur, it's as if smoking was part of your routine. You can remedy this by changing your habits and adopting new ones that are in line with your desire to lead a healthier life! 🍏

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