July 13, 2022


Quit smoking with Kwit — Ana’s testimonial

In this article, Ana shares her experience and explains how the Kwit application helped her to quit smoking.

Ana, former smoker, gives her testimony on how she quit smoking thanks to the Kwit application. She describes the difficulties of being surrounded and influenced by smokers from a young age which led to her own smoking addiction.

"From a very young age, I was surrounded by smokers."

I started smoking just before I started university. My father, grandfather and uncle were smokers, so from a young age I was surrounded by smokers.

Although I was taught that smoking causes many diseases, and even though as a child I was very concerned about my father's health, I fell into the same trap.

“Over 15 years since my first cigarette!”

I quit smoking in December 2020, over 15 years since smoking my first cigarette! I survived, I haven’t smoked one cigarette since then.

I am proud of myself, feeling like I had never been a smoker before.

“Kwit was my ally that I could rely on.”

While I was preparing to quit smoking, I entered a competition on Kwit's Instagram account where I won a 3-month Kwit Premium subscription, allowing me to access all app’s features.

I felt supported by Kwit, especially in the first few days because I felt like I was going to smoke whenever I felt like it.

“My first two weeks were the hardest…”

My first two weeks were the hardest, I had really struggled to resist, but I was determined to succeed. To fight my cravings I first went for a walk in the park, then I started walking regularly, some days walking around 7,5 miles. Walking was the only way to clear my mind and keep me away from temptation.

“I would have given my last penny to buy cigarettes.”

For the past 15 years I have tried to quit smoking several times, without success. I managed to quit for a few days, then a few weeks and sometimes even months. My motivation has always been to stay healthy and to ensure a better future without cigarettes.

I was often depressed when I noticed that I would have given my last penny to buy cigarettes, or that I was able to go out at any time to buy a packet of cigarettes. That was the real trigger.

I'm convinced that every smoker wants to quit, but doesn't feel strong enough to do so. That's wrong, we all can.

“Kwit gave me the last bit of motivation I needed.”

The March 2020 pandemic helped me a lot. I was away from smokers, cigarette breaks at work, and parties. Kwit gave me the last bit of motivation I needed, and allowed me to see every bit of progress I made.

“I know I'm free.”

Today, I am not against someone smoking next to me. It brings back some memories, but the difference is that I know that I'm free and that I can go without having a cigarette.

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