Virtual Smoke-Free Month: bet on an application to quit smoking!

This year, due to the situation, the Smoke-free Month will be virtual. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to bet on an application to quit smoking ?

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November 1, 2020

The Smoke-free Month (Mois sans Tabac in French) is a challenge organized every year since 2016. This initiative launched by the French Ministry of Solidarity and French Health Insurance takes place every November.In 2020, the new edition of this anti-smoking campaign will be a bit special, since it will be largely carried out virtually due to the sanitary situation. But don 't panic, Kwit, an application to stop smoking used all over the world, is there to support and accompany you during this challenge.

A Virtual Smoke-free Month

The Smoke-free Month, a Public Health Issue

Since the launch of this campaign in 2016, nearly 2 million smokers have taken up the Smoke-free Month challenge. But while smoking in France has been stable or even declining in recent years, the lock-down has changed the situation and smokers' consumption has increased overall. The most frequently cited reasons for this increase in smoking are boredom, lack of activity, stress, but also the pleasure caused by cigarettes. While the fight against tobacco is a real public health issue, this increase reaffirmed the importance of the Smoke-free Month campaign and the need to adapt it to the current sanitary situation.

A virtual Smoke-free Month in 2020

Usually, in addition to the online media campaign, physical events are organized throughout France on the occasion of the Smoke-free Month. Their objective? To provide the necessary support to those who need it, but also to create links between all those who quit smoking so that they can help each other. Unfortunately, these physical meetings will not be able to take place this year, so this anti-smoking campaign will be mostly online. But don't panic! There are alternatives to make your Virtual Smoke-free Month a success.

The Need for Support to Quit Smoking

If you wish to take part in this challenge, you will need support, so why not encourage some of your loved ones to take up this challenge with you? This will allow you to motivate each other and cheer you up during difficult times. You also have the possibility of using an application to quit smoking. Kwit for example is there to support you and help you get through this Virtual Smoke-free Month.

Kwit, the application to quit smoking accompanies you during this virtual Smoke-free Month

The advantage of using our application for quitting smoking is that you will be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (the only condition being that your phone or tablet still has battery power 😅). Moreover, Kwit is not only an application: it's also a whole community of Kwitters always ready to help each other!

Kwit, an application to quit smoking

Kwit, it's an application to quit smoking which has made it its mission to make your smoking cessation fun, while accompanying you in a benevolent way. Based on scientific methods, and in particular on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, the application accompanies you during this virtual Smoke-free Month and helps you to become a non-smoker while pushing you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The application keeps track of your progress, your desires, your difficulties but above all your successes. In summary, Kwit helps you to become aware of your addiction to nicotine, motivates and supports you during your smoking cessation. Through successes to unlock, Kwit also informs you about the benefits of quitting smoking. Its goal is to motivate you to change your habits and say goodbye to smoking for good! So, you are motivated and want to discover by yourself everything the application has to offer? That's great, Kwit has prepared an action plan to help you face this virtual Smoke-free Month!

  1. Download the application, available on the App Store and the Play Store.
  2. Enter your consumption habits, which will help the app to better understand your addiction and help you overcome it. In addition, the premium version also allows you to enter your use of electronic cigarettes and nicotine substitutes.
  3. Set the quit date to November 1st.
  4. From then on, Kwit accompanies you on a daily basis and helps you follow your progress day after day. By keeping track of your achievements, but also of your cravings and gaps, the application helps you better understand your addiction and find solutions to overcome it.
  5. Talk to your loved ones about your decision to quit smoking. If they know about it, they will be better able to help and support you throughout the process.
  6. Before you quit, you can change some of your habits to anticipate the symptoms associated with quitting. For example, consider whether it is necessary to balance your diet, as a balanced diet can help you reduce symptoms related to quitting smoking. Also, learn to managing stress when you quit smoking.
  7. Believe in yourself, you can succeed! If at times it's hard to keep up, don't hesitate to check your dashboard. You will be able to remember all the progress and successes you have made since you made the decision to use our application to quit smoking.

As you can see, Kwit, our application to quit smoking, is there to accompany you during this virtual Smoke-free Month… and beyond!

Kwit and its community of Kwitters

Kwit, it's an application, but it's also a community of Kwitters always ready to help each other! If you're looking for support during your smoking cessation, don't hesitate to join our support group on Facebook. The Kwitters' group is a space for exchange, where you are free to share your successes, but also your blues or advice.

In this group, you will find kindness and many of its members will be willing to help you if you ask them. And if in your turn you want to encourage other Kwitters, you are free to do so! By the way, for the most competitive among you, rewards are given each month to the Kwitters who have been the most active.

Our blog and additional tips

If you would like some additional advice, feel free to check back on our blog from time to time! A new article is published every Wednesday. You'll find tips, but also testimonials from other Kwitters or personal development advice.

To help you in your research, here is a non-exhaustive list of articles that may be of interest to you:

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And after this Virtual Smoke-free Month ?

Did you know that after quitting smoking for one month, you were 5 times more likely to succeed in quitting for good? After successfully completing the challenge of this virtual Smoke-free Month, why not continue on your way to say goodbye to cigarettes for good? Kwit will be there to help you!

After a month without smoking, you should already be starting to see the benefits of quitting. This is especially true since the most complicated part of this process is the first month! After this virtual Smoke-free Month, the side effects related to your smoking cessation should therefore gradually disappear, giving way only to the benefits. So why start again? Our application to quit smoking will be there to support and help you avoid relapse no matter what happens. And who knows, maybe next year it will be your turn to help someone close to you quit during the Smoke-free Month ?

Want more support during this virtual Smoke-free Month ? Don't hesitate to download our application and join the group of Kwitters on Facebook !

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