November 1, 2020


Try one of the best apps to quit smoking during Stoptober

Did you know that you can stop smoking with an app? Introducing Kwit, the resource you need for Stoptober!

Stoptober is a stop smoking challenge organised every year since 2012. It takes place every October. Are you planning to take part in this challenge? Yes? Congratulations on making this decision! By the way, did you know that there were applications to help you stop smoking? Let us introduce you to Kwit, one of the world leaders quit smoking apps that you can download for free!

Download for free our app to quit smoking for Stoptober!

There is a tremendous amount of mobile applications. They offer different advantages and serve diverse purposes. For instance, stop smoking apps may serve as a guide during the cessation process. Its advantages being the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support (the only condition being that your phone or tablet still has enough battery power left ๐Ÿ˜…). So why not try Kwit, one of the best applications in the field, to have an even better chance of quitting smoking for good at Stoptober?

Kwit, it's a stop smoking application application whose mission is to make smoking cessation fun, while supporting you in a kind and caring way. Based on scientific methods, particularly on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, the application looks after you during Stoptober. It helps you to become a non-smoker while encouraging you to believe in yourself and in your abilities and fighting stress of this period.

Make your quit attempt for Stoptober with our application!

You may be wondering why you should choose Kwit as your stop smoking app for Stoptober? Find out why Kwit is the best app to make your quit attempt for this stop smoking challenge! Discover all the benefits of a tobacco-free life!

An application with personalised support for this quit smoking challenge

Our stop smoking application will help you on your quit attempt:

  • Before, by helping you prepare.

  • During, by giving you all the resources you need to resist.

  • After, by constantly showing you the benefits of quitting.

Before your cessation, Kwit helps you to prepare your coping strategies and reinforce your motivation to quit. The app also provides you with the tools to become aware of your nicotine dependence.

During: after making your quit attempt for Stoptober, Kwit will remain by your side, keeping track of your progress, your cravings, the challenges you may face, etc. Most importantly, it will give you a sense of your accomplishments. In addition, the app provides practical tools to overcome cravings and relapses, Some of them are:

Even after a long time of making your quit attempt, Kwit will continue to keep you informed of all your progress and all goals you have reached, and will continue to help you change your habits! This will help you realise that quitting smoking has lifelong benefits.

How to download for free our application for Stoptober?

So, are you motivated? Want to discover everything our stop smoking app has to offer? Great news! Kwit has prepared an action plan to help you throughout Stoptober!

  1. Download the application, available on the App Store and the Play Store.

  2. Select in the application if you need to prepare or if you have already quit smoking.

  3. Enter your consumption habits, which will help the app to better understand your dependence and help you to overcome it. In addition, the premium version also allows you to log your use of electronic cigarettes and nicotine substitutes.

  4. Believe in yourself, you can do it! If you struggle to keep up, don't hesitate to check your dashboard.

Kwit helps you prepare, supports you, gives you a better understanding of why and when you feel cravings, and follows your progress day after day by keeping track of your achievements, your cravings and relapses. So you can overcome your dependence.

As you can see, Kwit, our quit smoking app, is there for you during this stop smoking challengeโ€ฆ and beyond!

Join our free support group to get even more help during this stop smoking challenge!

What you can expect from this group is kindness and willingness to help. In return you can as well encourage other Kwitters.

An app that helps you even after Stoptober!

Did you know that your chances of quitting smoking for good increase after quitting for one month? This is the perfect opportunity to continue working towards this goal and become a non-smoker for good!

Kwit will always be there to support and help you avoid relapses no matter what.

You are on the right path, no doubts about it! Believe in yourself, who knows, maybe next year it will be your turn to help someone close to you quit during Stoptober?

Did this article entice you to try our stop smoking app at Stoptober? Download it now!

If you want even more tips on how to succeed in your quit attempt, we've put together all the information on Stoptober on this page!


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