February 5, 2020


Quit Smoking with your partner for Valentine's Day

Quitting smoking is a pretty tough ordeal, we'll grant you that, especially when you're alone in the process. The same goes for dieting, going back to sports or any other activity that is not part of your daily routine. How about quitting smoking with the help of your spouse or someone close to you? Does the experience tempt you? Then our little game is likely to interest you!

When you start withdrawal alone, you are more likely to start smoking again than when there are two of you. In fact, if you are surrounded by smokers and therefore tempted at every moment of the day, you are more likely to crack more easily than someone living in a smoke-free environment. That’s why it may be a good idea to start your withdrawal together. Of course, if your partner doesn’t smoke, he or she can help you through the process, encourage and support you. For more information, see our article "Helping a loved one quit smoking".

Smoking cessation as a game

We're all competitors in one way, so this little competition-based game can work on anyone.

A golden rule: if it seems insurmountable to quit smoking overnight, start by cutting down! Your body will tend to cope better with nicotine cravings if the nicotine decreases gradually rather than abruptly.

This is where our game comes in:

Every day, you and your partner will write down on your cigarette pack, your phone or in a notebook how many cigarettes you've smoked today. At the end of the day, do your math. All you need to win the round is to have smoked fewer cigarettes than your partner.

As the rounds go on, the competition will feel more and more and your consumption will decrease by itself!

In order to spice up the game a little, you can for example give the loser as a pledge, a task he doesn't like to do (like going shopping, cooking, washing up, choosing the winner's TV programme...). This will motivate you mutually, you will give your maximum to win the competition and not have to do these pledges.

The game also works if your partner is a non-smoker. He will have to estimate the number of cigarettes you have smoked. If he is within one cigarette, he wins the round!

Know that it is very important to support each other during the process, to say when a craving arises and to find an activity to make the craving go away, such as :

  • Going for a walk

  • Going to the cinema or starting a movie at home

  • Cooking a good meal

  • Start a board game

  • Discuss / Joking

What if tensions arise ?

As you can imagine, the side effects of quitting smoking will be the same whether you quit alone or in pairs. You are likely to experience different moods such as nervousness, stress, tension, irritability, and other factors such as weight gain, relapses... and this may trigger some tension between you and your partner.

This is why the dialogue is e-ssen-cial, especially during this period when you will be particularly irritable! Talk about your emotions, write down what you feel on your Kwit application or in a notebook, talk about it around you, go and get some fresh air alone to calm your nerves as much as possible and avoid an argument.

Do not ruin your couple because of withdrawal, support yourself! You will laugh about it in a few weeks :)

Pssst... no singles, we haven't forgotten you ! You can very well try this game with someone close to you ! It also works with a family member, a friend and even a roommate or colleague!


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