October 7, 2020


Voices of Kwitters — Perilys' testimonial

Confinement helped Perylis quit smoking. Her solution to say goodbye to cigarettes? Kwit!

In this article, Perilys shares her experience with you and explains how the Kwit application supports her in her smoking cessation.

“When I didn’t know what to do or where to “put my hands”, I was rolling a cigarette"

I started smoking regularly when I was 19. I was living in Bologna, alone for the first time ever, and one of my roommates smoked rolled cigarettes. I started rolling them for him and then I started smoking with him. I really loved all the gestures that came with smoking a little cigarette. I also loved the taste and how it made me feel. When I didn’t know what to do or where to “put my hands” I was rolling a cigarette.

“A cold turkey with the start of confinement”

I was 25 when I quit smoking. I always said that I would quit at that age, but I actually didn’t believe it so much. But then, the coronavirus came just out and I literally became hypochondriac, also because I had a sore throat. I actually did NOTHING to stop smoking: I just stopped, which means that I smoked my usual 10-15 cigarettes on the 6th of March, and 0 cigarettes the very next day.

“My first days without cigarettes were easy”

My first days without cigarettes were easy. I obviously thought “oh yes, right now I would have had a cigarette” but I just put this thought away very easily (remember, I was hypochondriac and I had sore throat 😂).

Kwit also helped: the notifications, for example, I had no more nicotine in my body in such a short time “challenged myself”: I wanted to see the next notifications.

“For me, smoking was 80% gestures and 20% the actual action of smoking”

The most difficult thing to overcome was the need of having something in my hands (and my mouth). For me, smoking was 80% gestures and 20% the actual action of smoking.

I found an incredible way to cope with this craving (I just recommend it to everyone, even if it sounds stupid): I just cut little pieces of carrots, the same lengths of a cigarette, so that I could handle them like a cigarette and munch them when I wanted. Healthy and smoke-free! 🥕

My craving lasted like 3-4 weeks and then I just stopped thinking about cigarettes. I quit smoking 6 months ago: in these months I just smoked 1 cigarette: I was a little bit drunk with my friends and I just gave in, but I felt SO guilty that I went to Kwit and I clicked on “I SMOKED” button!

“My experience with Kwit”

I discovered Kwit like a year ago, when I was smoking and I actually didn’t want to stop. I downloaded it because I wanted to see how it worked, but I never used it and I deleted it. When I started thinking about quitting smoking I just remembered this app and I started using it... and here I am!

I like to see how my body just improves every day and when I reach some body goals I am happy and satisfied. Kwit helped me so much also because it makes me see how far I’ve come.

“My advice to Kwitters and future Kwitters”

I recommend you to stop smoking simply because you actually can. Because I did. I’m a person that tends to procrastinate, that’s why I just stopped smoking out of nowhere. You don’t have to think about it so much, you don’t have to think about the future etc. you just have to stop!

Your body will thank you, and your bank account too. 🤑 And you obviously have to download Kwit so that you can see how far you’ve come! It really helps you. And yes, the carrots! 🥕 Munch a carrot if you want a cigarette, trust me! 😍

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