March 2, 2022


Do you have a drinking problem? Take the test!

Have you ever wondered whether you drink "too much" alcohol (without knowing what "too much" means)? And what impact does this possible problem with alcohol have on your health, your social relationships and even your mood? "Maybe it's time to find out…"

Are you wondering whether your drinking is "normal" or whether you have a problem with alcohol? Think back over the past year, to all the times you were in a drinking situation. It is interesting to ask yourself: Why do you think you have an alcohol problem?

What does "drinking too much alcohol" mean?

You can be considered to be drinking too much alcohol when you drink beyond your ability to control yourself and are unable to stop drinking voluntarily. This is most often accompanied by daily alcohol consumption and drinking more than the recommended limits set by the health authorities, i.e. 2 drinks per day and not every day.

How to identify a possible problem with alcohol?

Be careful, one of these signals does not mean that you are an "alcoholic", i.e. that you are suffering from an alcohol dependency. The following factors and the test at the end of this article will help you to determine whether you are dependent on alcohol.

You have a habit of drinking more alcohol than you originally intended

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is an early warning sign that you are having trouble controlling yourself when you drink alcohol. Be careful, this can happen occasionally but should never become a regular or frequent occurrence.

You drink alcohol regularly, including alone at home

To find out how often you drink alcohol, write down all your drinks in a daily diary or planner for a few weeks and review the results.

At times you have a strong or compulsive desire to drink alcohol

There are times when you crave a drink so badly that you can't think of anything else. This intense craving may be triggered by people, places, objects, emotions or situations, a particular environment.

You have noticed that you now need to drink more to achieve the desired state of drinking

If you notice that you are drinking more than you used to, ask yourself why. It is possible that you have developed an addiction. This means that you need to drink more alcohol to achieve the desired effects.

Finally, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever wanted to or tried to reduce or stop drinking alcohol, but failed?

  • Have you ever continued to drink alcohol even though it made you depressed, anxious or caused another health problem? Or after you had a blackout?

Do you have a problem with alcohol?

To find out what kind of drinking pattern you have, think about how much you drink and why you drink.

Analyze your drinking pattern: when do you drink? With whom? In what circumstances? How do you feel?

Would you like to take a more in-depth test on your drinking? Click here and follow the steps.

This group is a great place to talk to caring and motivated people, to give and receive advice, and to find new sources of inspiration. We look forward to seeing you there!

Remember that you are not alone and that many people are also concerned. Be proud of yourself for taking the first step in recognising a possible drinking problem and striving to live a healthier life.

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