April 26, 2022


How to become a Kwit Ambassador?

Do you use the Kwit application and have you always wanted to become a Kwit Ambassador? It's now possible with our Ambassador Program!

Would you like to become an ambassador for a smoking cessation application whose values consist of mutual support and mental health awareness? Good news: it's now possible thanks to the Kwit Ambassador Program! Have any questions? Don't worry, we'll explain everything in this article!

Why become a Kwit Ambassador?

Would you like to promote the application that helped you to quit smoking? Then, the Kwit Ambassador Program is for you!

Your role?

By becoming a Kwit Ambassador, you are helping transform our world by helping those who wish to quit smoking! You will be able to spread core values such as mutual support and mental health awareness which is very dear to us, and you could even tell your friends and family, your doctor and even your health insurance company about Kwit. Becoming a Kwit Ambassador means working with us to make the world a better place!

Your missions (if you agree with them)?

By becoming a Kwit Ambassador, you agree to share your experience as a former smoker with others who would also like to go tobacco-free and are looking for support to take THE step! Now that you've regained your freedom and rediscovered what it's like to live a life without cigarettes, wouldn't you want others to be able to take advantage of this new opportunity as well?

Don't hesitate to share your testimonial in all transparency, talk frankly about how you quit smoking and how Kwit became a great teammate!

Your advantages?

  • Full access to Kwit Premium for a specific period of time

  • Branded goodies

  • Direct messages between you, other ambassadors and the Kwit team!

  • A preview access to certain features

  • And much more… #surprise

Who can become a Kwit Ambassador?

Are you caring, thoughtful and show kindness and empathy? Are you comfortable talking about quitting smoking? Do you want to use your personal experience to help others follow the same path as you? Do you recognize yourself with this description? Then you are the right person to become a Kwit Ambassador!

To be a Kwit Ambassador it is essential to be active online on various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for example), as being available in order to carry out the assignments we would like to give you.

How do you become a Kwit Ambassador?

Interested in what you have just read? Click here to fill out the form and let our questions guide you! We will of course take the time to read your answers, and to contact you if your profile catches our eye, and if you correspond to being our dream ambassador!

FAQ about the Ambassador Program

I don't have 10,000 followers on Instagram, can I still apply?

We look for authenticity in our Kwit Ambassadors, not celebrities. Whether you have 100 or 2,000, the most important thing for us is that you are active on social networks.

I've only been using Kwit for a few days, do I have a chance?

Don't worry, your motivation is more important to us than the time you spend using the application. However, we advise you to have quit smoking for at least 1 full month before filling out the form.

I relapsed twice before quitting permanently, am I eligible?

Have you had doubts and failures? That's not important to us. We are looking for authenticity in the testimonials of our Kwit Ambassadors. You'll be able to talk about your previous success and the benefits of quitting, just as you'll be able to share the hard times too.

Is it a paid job?

No, this is not a paid job and you do not sign any contract. You will, however, receive a free Kwit Premium subscription, some goodies and many other surprises!

The Kwit Ambassador Program is, above all, a unique way for us to reward our most active users while recognizing the value they bring to the company.

I was not selected, can I try again?

It is possible that your application arrived when the Ambassador Program was already full. Don't worry, we will be opening up new spots in the coming months. Don't hesitate to try your luck again! To make sure you don't miss the reopening of the program, we invite you to follow us on Instagram.

The program is no longer open, why? When will it open again?

Our Ambassador Program will only be open for a limited period of time as there are only a few spots available. However, don't worry! It will be open again in the coming months. In the meantime, you can already share your withdrawal experience by completing this other form.

Do you feel ready to become a Kwit Ambassador? Apply by filling out the form, we will look forward to getting to know you and, who knows? Perhaps even meeting you one day!

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