January 29, 2019


Kwit, the 2018 retrospective

2018 is over, it’s time to take stock! 1,891 persons have followed us on social media during the year and the application has been downloaded more than 300,000 times! Now let’s see your achievements and how Kwit has evolved. Here's an analysis of this past year.

2018 is over, it’s time to take stock! 1,891 persons have followed us on social media during the year and the application has been downloaded more than 300,000 times! Now let’s see your achievements and how Kwit has evolved. Here's an analysis of this past year.

Flashback on your achievements

Kwit is a community of more than one million non-smokers, unlocking levels and going towards a smoke-free life, one success after another. More and more of you are sharing your achievements on social media to get some motivation and challenge other Kwitters, congratulations!

Together, you managed to keep 902,000,000 cigarettes unsmoked, save up $290,000,000 and unlock 4,000,000 levels – impressive! With the app, each Kwitter has won an average of 21 days of life expectancy (😱), and you used 2,200,000 motivation cards to prevent a relapse and give you the self-confidence you need.

We are really proud of all of you and your achievements! Thanks to you, we also have a better knowledge concerning the situations in which the craving for a cigarette is the strongest. To have a better understanding of your needs in order to prevent any relapse: this is our mission.

Kwit has changed over the last year…

2018 has been a year of change for Kwit. At the end of 2018, we released a new version of the application for iOS (iPhone) with a more refined and more elegant look alongside redesigned features. We have worked during the whole year to offer a better user experience and we thank you for your feedback, suggestions and support. One of our goals for 2019 is to keep improving this application and release a similar version for Android. We are also working on several surprises regarding the overall design of the app – a glimpse of which has been published on our Twitter account. Don’t hesitate to go over there and subscribe in order to have all the latest news!

Our website has also undergone significant changes. It is now more user-friendly, more harmonious and we have added the new colors of the application. More information can be found there than on the app in addition to a “Blog” category which is frequently updated by the Kwit team. You can find tips and pieces of advice to complete your smoking cessation successfully while also learning about other solutions. The new Kwit website also offers a “Enterprises” category so as to be able to intervene in workplaces when companies wish to improve their Quality of Work Life and help their employees in their cessation (if you think your employer might be interested or if you want some additional information, please click here.

… and has become a growing startup thanks to you!

Since its creation in 2016, Kwit has never stopped innovating, developing and getting larger. In 2018, the Kwit team has grown with the arrival of new members. All very passionate about their work, the team members have aimed at giving you the best as well as being an unswerving support by giving an ever quicker answer to your queries. These additions to our staff also enabled to set the bar higher with even more ideas that materialize step by step.

University researchers specialized in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theories) are amongst these new recruits. Thanks to their expertise, Kwit continues to think about the integration of sciences into the application, and they reassure us everyday in the idea that kindness is the key when it comes to smoking cessation.

At the same time, Kwit keeps on developing and attracting attention on its innovative solution through multiple new partners: Sunlife, AirCampus or the National Cancer Institute (NCI) which funds scientific studies led on Kwit by the University of Pittsburgh. Our participation in a French-American Accelerator program (Startup Innovation) have also made it possible for us to go forward and explore new horizons.

Finally, thanks to you, Kwit kept its place of number 1 application for smoking cessation in France and reached the top 5 worldwide! 🙏 It is also thanks to you and your enthusiastic feedback that Kwit gained visibility and was mentioned multiple times this year in television and radio programs but also in both internet and written press articles.

To conclude

Our development will always be driven by our will to help you remain a non-smoker. We will continue to be here to provide the motivation you need to stop smoking for good and say farewell to your addiction. We will keep on using and adding playful elements to the cessation process as we (like many specialists) are deeply convinced that this makes it easier for you to overcome your dependence and quit smoking. Once more for this new year, we will aim at accompanying each and everyone of you with kindness while meeting all of your expectations.


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