August 3, 2022


5 unusual gift ideas for smokers

Giving a gift to smokers can be a real headache, especially when you want to give an unusual but, above all, useful gift.

Are you looking for an unusual gift for smokers but you don't have any idea? In this article, you will find a selection of 5 unusual and useful gift ideas for smokers for any occasion! The little extra? These gifts can help them quit smoking!

Gift idea #1: a gift card allowing them to quit smoking

Why not take the opportunity to help your smokers quit? Give them a Kwit gift card!

Kwit is a smoking cessation application that has helped more than 3 million smokers worldwide quit smoking. Designed by a former smoker in the form of a game, it will help your loved ones quit smoking for good in a fun and, above all, caring way.

Why give a Kwit gift card to a friend who smokes?

To allow them to quit smoking for good

  • Scientifically validated, the Kwit application is a real pocket coach available anytime. It helps smokers understand their cravings and helps them find the best way to quit.

Motivate them by sharing with other Kwitters

  • With Kwit, your loved ones will never be alone again. They will be able to exchange directly from the application with other Kwitters who, like them, are going through withdrawal.

An unusual and unique gift to make the lives of your loved ones healthier, more beautiful and happier.

For more information about this Kwit gift card, click here.

Gift Idea #2: A workshop to discover new activities

When you quit smoking, your smokers will need to clear their minds. To do so, offering a workshop can be a good idea! In addition to giving them an experience they will remember, it will also allow them to learn new things.

A workshop to learn how to make bread, a workshop to make your own jewelry or perfume, a workshop to make knives, a wine workshop... everything is possible!

Your unusual gifts are sure to be successful!

Gift idea #3: a subscription related to their hobbies

Do your smokers have a particular hobby? This will make your task easier! Offer them a subscription related to this hobby. It could be a cooking class, a gym membership or a movie subscription.

This way, there's no room for error! Your loved ones will love this attention that shows you know them.

You can also offer your loved ones a membership related to a hobby totally out of their comfort zone or habits. This way, you are sure to give unusual gifts!

Gift idea #4: a customizable object that will make them think of you

In the continuity of unusual gifts, why not offer your loved ones a customizable object? To change from the classic personalized t-shirt, why not offer your loved ones a bag, a key ring, a water bottle or a customized pen? You can put a photo on it or add a motivational phrase to help them quit smoking.

Gift Idea #5: Something they can keep for life

Sometimes a simple letter or video of your memories and feelings can be the perfect gift. Your loved ones will be touched by your investment and feel like they matter. You can also add a few words about why you want to help them quit smoking.

And to keep that touch of humor, give them an unusual bouquet with it! It could be a bouquet of cold cuts, candies, cheeses or even cigarettes... made of chocolate! To not lose your objective of offering unusual gifts to your loved ones, with this kind of bouquet: it's mission successful!

You now have 5 unusual gift ideas to offer your loved ones:

  • A Kwit gift card to help them quit smoking

  • A workshop to arouse their curiosity

  • A subscription that corresponds to what they like

  • A personalized object

  • A unique gift to mark the occasion

It's up to you to make the right choice! For us, it will be the Kwit gift card!

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