December 21, 2018


Celebrating without smoking, it's possible!

You're planning a party but you're afraid of cracking up in front of a cigarette? Don't worry! Celebrating without smoking, it’s possible, and Kwit explains how.

The holiday season is coming, and it's time to put aside your worries and concerns. It's a time to let go and enjoy yourself with your family and friends! But perhaps you think that to get you in the mood, there's nothing better than a little cigarette accompanied by a bit of alcohol? And yet, it’s quite possible to party without a cigarette! You will be able to have fun without risking a relapse, or without starting to smoke if you have never done so before. Kwit explains how celebrating without smoking.

The link between celebrating and cigarette

Without going as far as doing a sociological analysis, we can say that parties and celebrations are key moments in our social activities insofar as they represent regular and steady breaks in our lives. This approach is interesting since it highlights how much the context of these moments and what we do during them is unusual. However, unconsciously for some people, partying implies a mix of alcohol, cigarettes and sex. This is particularly the case for the end of the year celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries or even bachelor or bachelorette parties. It’s well known that the festive atmosphere and conviviality call for cigarettes.

Therefore, if you don’t want to fall into the trap of smoking addiction, or relapse into it, and if you feel fragile on this subject, you had better prepare yourself for this hard moment. Indeed, there is a great risk that someone will offer you a cigarette on such an occasion. Besides, as you hesitate and try to resist, this person might amiably let you think that “one cigarette is no big deal”. This is a mistake! One cigarette will be enough to make you fall back into this addiction that you had such a hard time leaving, and know that in any case, there is no such thing as a small consumption of cigarettes. So, how can you not give in to temptation?

Getting ready to celebrate while resisting the craving of smoking

To face this challenge, like an athlete or a student who is about to take an exam, practice saying “no”. You need to be able to internalize that “no” and not give in to a cigarette during the party. Then, during the party, clearly express this “no”, this refusal to smoke, to anyone who offers you a cigarette.

But even when you are not being solicited, the urge to smoke will be strong. To succeed in saying no to a cigarette and to avoid cracking up, you will have to prepare yourself in advance. This is all the more true as your addiction to tobacco is strong.

Do you need advice? Kwit has some tips to help you celebrating without cigarettes!

  • Chew a stick of licorice.

  • Stay with the non-smokers during the smoke break.

  • Think about nicotine substitutes!

  • Eat fruit. In addition to being good for your health, it has been proven that the taste of fruit reduces the urge to smoke.

  • Remember why you stop smoking, and if you need to, read these 15 good reasons to quit smoking!

  • Shake your phone to bring up a motivational card on the Kwit application.

Rising the challenge of celebrating without smoking and asserting yourself

In fact, celebrating without smoking can be a real challenge. In front of others, saying no to cigarettes is affirming your choice, your freedom not to be addicted. In a word, it means showing that you have personality and that you are not a follower.

For those who would like to dissuade you from the contrary, play it economic or political, like "I don't want my money to go up in smoke", "I prefer to spend a week's vacation discovering the Northern Lights of the North Pole..." or "I don't get fooled by the tobacco multinationals who get rich by making us addicted", "I prefer my freedom and my health". And finally, on a humorous note, tell how you don't want to be "covered" by someone who refuses to go out with you because he can't stand the smell of cigarettes.

As you can see, celebrating without smoking is possible, and it’s also an opportunity to gain confidence, to assert yourself and to be noticed in a positive way. Thus, you have everything to gain by partying without cigarettes!

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