December 1, 2022


The best useful last-minute Christmas gift!

Are you tired of giving gifts that end up in a drawer? And Christmas is approaching much faster than your ideas! Don't panic because we have THE gift that, as well as being useful, can transform lives! Curious? Then don't move! 

Here we are!

The thick jumpers are out, the streets smell warm chestnuts, and Mariah Carey is on the radio, winter is here! Finally, that magical time of year when family time is cherished, the streets are flashing with color, and we can happily re-watch all the Harry Potter movies is back! At last!

Of course, when you think of Christmas, you think of the many presents that go with it!

Because it feels so good to shower your loved ones with gifts.

S.O.S: Christmas starts in 5 minutes!

But let's talk about gifts because even though they bring a lot of joy, this task is also stressful for many people! Will it make an impact? Will it be used or neglected? All these questions swirl endlessly in everyone's mind.

What if we suggested that you put all your worries aside and trust us? Because we have THE gift that helps and can transform lives! Yes, yes, it can!

The genesis of this project: when smokers' relatives called us for help!

But first, let's go back in time together for a few months to understand this project's genesis better.

It all started when we received many similar messages. So many people came to us to ask how they could support their loved one who smokes to stop. This is one of the most-read topics on the blog. The reason? We want to keep our loved ones by our side as long as possible.

These messages touched us a lot! However, the feeling of helplessness that these people feel when faced with the addiction of a loved one is a subject that is often overlooked.

Kwit has therefore decided to offer the possibility of giving the application to a loved one who smokes so that he or she can be accompanied and encouraged in his or her withdrawal. It's a way to offer an original AND useful gift.

But how does the magic work?

It's effortless, don't worry! All you have to do is go to our website and choose the duration of the gift card you wish to offer to your loved one (3 or 6 months).

You will then immediately receive the pretty gift card by email, which has been specially designed so that you can print it out and slip it into an envelope to put it under the tree! Practical, isn't it? And all this in less than 3 minutes!

Your loved one who smokes will be able to activate his or her card directly on the application and begin his or her withdrawal in complete peace of mind even before the log is served!

The hero of Christmas!

So now you're the hero of the day for your family with the most original and useful gift of the year award! Too easy, isn't it?

So don't hesitate any longer, give Kwit to your loved ones for Christmas!

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