September 18, 2023


Finding Motivation to Quit Smoking — Sarah's Testimony

How do you find the motivation to quit smoking when you're an addict? Quitting smoking isn't easy when you've been smoking for more than 10 years, but today Sarah gives you the solution in this testimonial to help you get rid of this addiction just like she did.

Sarah knows how hard it is to quit smoking when you've been smoking since you were 17 and you're now 28! The harmful effects were becoming more and more real: a 10 km walk and her lungs were on fire, wrinkles were creasing her face and all her money was going up in smoke. It was these warning signs that prompted Sarah to quit smoking for good! This testimonial will show you that with the right motivation, your chains can disappear!

"I had to fill this inner emptiness by destroying myself"

When I was younger I didn't feel very good in body and mind, I was weak and suggestible. All my friends smoked and I had to fill this inner emptiness by destroying myself. I started smoking at the age of 17 and became addicted.

In the evening I could smoke a whole pack, but during the day I'd go up to 6 cigarettes a day. I didn't think I would ever be able to quit because I equated stress with smoking. Whenever I went through a difficult time, I felt the need to smoke.

"It wasn't easy to quit cold turkey"

I was 28 years old and had been a total smoker for almost 10 years when I decided to quit. What motivated me to quit for good was money and my physical health. I started to fear looking like a smoker, having my voice and body scarred from all that junk.

It wasn't easy to quit cold turkey, especially in the evenings or when I was stressed, because those were the hardest times for me. I had to give up alcohol at the same time because one drink made me want to smoke immediately.

That was my first experience with quitting smoking. But life is better when you're no longer a slave to something that destroys you. I think my withdrawal is working wonderfully because just the thought of a cigarette makes me want to vomit.

"Quitting cigarettes was a rebirth for me"

Quitting smoking was a rebirth for me. I've freed myself from this poison that intoxicated me day after day. I'm no longer a slave to that killer cigarette.

Since I quit, my body has changed a lot and my physical condition has improved. I was back in Olympic shape within weeks of quitting. I've always been athletic despite being a smoker, but now I enjoy my workouts and feel fitter than ever.

I don't cough anymore and I get sick a lot less. The taste of food is completely different and I'm finally enjoying what I eat.

As for my physical changes, my skin is much brighter, I have fewer dark circles and my fine lines have disappeared. I see myself looking younger and my skin looks like a baby's. My breath has also improved, as has my confidence and my bank account, which has never been better! My hair has regained its softness in just a few weeks!

In short, the results are impressive and I can't wait to celebrate my first year without tobacco and see the change after a year of quitting.

How Kwit helped me quit smoking

I discovered the app on the Play Store because it was well reviewed. I've never seen an app so well done. You're by far the best app to help addicts quit smoking. In terms of profitability, it's great because paying for a subscription is equivalent to the price of a pack of cigarettes. Paying for an app like Kwit is worth it - your health is priceless. Think of it this way: it's smarter to put your money into an app once than to pay $100/month for cigarettes, if not more.

If you're still on the fence about installing the app, I'd recommend it with my eyes closed.

Things to remember

Sarah's story proves that real motivation can change a life forever. The battle she has fought has enabled her to flourish in her body and in her new life without tobacco. Fighting an addiction is never easy, but you're strong enough to find the motivation to quit.

Do like Sarah, think about your future and quit now. Kwit will be one more motivation to help you through this ordeal! Download Kwit!

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