September 16, 2020


Saying no to cigarettes

If you've been a smoker, you've found the resources and ways to quit, and you can congratulate yourself! Do you still get cravings, even after years? This is normal. In fact, especially in certain circumstances, such as the holidays, it's important to know how to say no to someone who offers you a cigarette, and it's not always easy.

Saying no to a cigarette can be a real challenge, but it's also a great opportunity to affirm your choice and your self-confidence.

Remember your why

Above all, remember the reasons why you quit smoking. Review your list of reasons, or make one if you've never written them down.

Keep in mind that a slip doesn't mean you're going back to where you started, far from it! It's not the end of your withdrawal! It's a time to learn, to get to know yourself better for the next time, to be stronger and to succeed in saying no because you know this cigarette won't do you any good.

The “no challenge”

For the former smoker, it can be a real challenge to say "no" by refusing a cigarette. At a time when the former smoker thought he was beyond the reach of a slip, he may be shaken by the offer and the temptation to say yes. It can remind him of moments associated with the pleasure of smoking. Others may voluntarily or unconsciously minimize the fact of smoking one by thinking that "it's okay”.

Then, it’s not surprising that the sight of a cigarette makes you want to smoke.

This is a fact that must be taken into account when quitting smoking: many people relapse in the company of other smokers, particularly at work, in the evening, at home, etc. Hence the importance of being well prepared to say no with established strategies to avoid a relapse or slippage in these circumstances.

Another situation is knowing how to say no to yourself in a depressed, bluesy moment that would lead you to resort to smoking again to boost your morale, as before! On this point again, it is essential to anticipate and strengthen your resilience so as not to succumb.

The importance of no

Knowing how to say no to an offer to smoke will have an important meaning on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, this refusal is the very proof of your ability to resist the temptation to smoke, which is contrary to your deep choice and commitment to quit smoking. Then, you must also consider that this non-opposition to others is a sign of affirmation of your personality which knows what it wants! Remember that by quitting smoking, you have won a victory and regained your freedom. Ultimately, the positive feelings you will have about yourself can help you stay a non-smoker. And, for that reason, be proud of yourself.

Strategies for successfully saying no to a cigarette

  • Get used to automatic responses until it becomes natural when someone offers you a cigarette. Always say No, thank you. I've quit smoking.

  • Avoid passive smoking.

  • Avoid smokers and avoid smoking areas in the first few weeks of quitting.

  • If you've slipped up by accepting a cigarette, be lenient with yourself. Remember that quitting smoking is a long road and make your resolutions to quit immediately.

  • If necessary, seek outside help such as a tobacco control organization. Think about Kwit.

We wish you good luck in your withdrawal and remember, it's normal to not always know how to say no, and it doesn't matter. The trick is: “do it differently next time”. Believe in yourself!

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