Organize a Tobacco-Free Month in your company

November the 1rst the « Mois sans tabac » (Tobacco-free Month) begins, a support for anyone who wants to quit smoking. Why not organizing it in your company to support each other?

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October 30, 2019

The Tobacco-free Month, it’s 30 days to quit smoking. Launched by the Solidarities and Health Ministry in France, this initiative encouraged in a positive way smokers to abandon their tobacco addiction.

Few numbers to motivate ourselves!

There is 1.1 billion smokers today worldwide.

According to a study, 48 % smokers would like to be accompanied by their company in their willing to quit smoking.

Half of tobacco victims dies young, between 35 and 69 years old.

Cigarette is fixed in culture and particularly in a professional environment . Most of the employees say smoking help them to fight stress, create social interactions and permit them to take breaks during the day .

Tobacco in company

Beyond consequences of the cigarette on health, various studies show tobacco consumption engendered additional costs for the company.

Regular pauses to smoke, sick leave, as well as troubles in focusing, more regular with smokers than nonsmokers, are factors that low down the employees’ performance and so the company’s productivity .

According to the Ohio University study realized in 2013, taking into account the absenteeism and social charges, a smoker cost 5 200€ on average a year to its company. Go see our page for companies to calculate the cost for your company related to your number of employees.

A tobacco-free campaign is a necessary investment!

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The Kwit method

Kwit escorts your company and your employees in a tobacco-free life. The program has 4 steps :

Your needs analysis

  • Free sensibilisation and information campaign
  • Inventory of your company and employees’ needs

Internal communication campaign

  • Email campaign
  • Large range of media tools (flyers, arches, etc, …)

Smoking cessation program

  • Support guide given to the person willing to quit smoking
  • Access to the Premium version of our innovative app for a year
  • Users regularly focus on their progression and are motivated every day in the process

Mensual assessment

  • Engagement monitoring and the person’s progression
  • Anonymous and secured assessment

For more informations, we invite you to consult your page for companies on our website or to contact us directly by email at hello@kwit.app.

Organize the « Mois sans tabac » in your company

Organize an anti-tobacco campaign for the « Mois sans tabac » is the opportunity for your employees to benefit from help, feel supported and encouraged from other smokers willing to quit smoking and from tobacco addiction specialists. Furthermore, in 30 days, the employees have 5 times more probability to stay non-smokers!

For the company, it is the opportunity to be helped in this process, thanks to a campaign, and it is also the opportunity to reduce the costs linked to tobacco.

You want to take up the challenge? Contact us here and individually, do not wait any longer, download the Kwit application, it is already a big step in your determination to quit smoking!

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