September 9, 2020


3 ways quitting smoking will improve your relationships

Many would think that the decision to smoke will only affect the person choosing to do so. That when lighting a cigarette, the only person being harmed is the smoker, however, that’s not the case at all. When you decide to use nicotine, you are affecting not only yourself but everyone close to you.

Everyone has different circumstances and quitting smoking isn’t easy by any means. But one thing to keep at the forefront of your mind is how the people who love you the most are being negatively affected, especially your partner. If you live with your significant other, or even if you don’t, chances are you see them regularly. This means they are often exposed to cigarette smoke, whether it be from your clothes or directly from the source. Smoking can cause an array of problems for people in relationships and prevent couples from having the happy, fulfilling union they deserve. Don’t let cigarettes be the reason your relationship starts going downhill. If you keep reading, we will present you 3 ways quitting smoking will improve your relationship.

Help improve health for both parties


This is an obvious one that you’ve probably been hearing since you’ve started smoking but it’s nonetheless important. Besides the health ramifications smoking has on your personal health, second-hand smoke can be almost as deadly to your significant other and that is why it is part of the ways quitting smoking will improve your relationship. Second-hand smoke is the toxins that are released from the end of a cigarette while it’s being burned. These toxins can cause everything from lung cancer to a stroke and that’s without ever picking up a cigarette. By quitting altogether, you are saving your partner from potentially experiencing severe medical conditions and blaming you for getting sick. Being physically healthy also improves your outlook on life, inviting positive thoughts and happiness.


One common misconception is that smoking can relieve stress and anxiety. Although it may do that for a short period of time for some individuals, research found by MedlinePlus states that smoking can actually lead to an increased chance of getting depression and experiencing mood swings. Not only is this not good for you, but it isn’t great for your relationship either. The thriving partnership that you once had with your significant other is now being overshadowed by feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety. By quitting, you can give yourself fully to your relationship rather than allowing negative emotions to take control of your mental state and relationship. This will also help promote a better emotional connection and intimacy between you and your loved one.

Create Better Intimacy in The Bedroom

The second of the 3 ways quitting smoking will improve your relationship concerns the intimacy with your partner. The smell of cigarette smoke in the bedroom can lead to a lack of sex drive for nonsmokers. Yes, you can take a shower beforehand and brush your teeth to remove the smell, but sometimes you just don’t have enough time to do so. For those instances when your partner wants to engage in a little spontaneous time together, taking a full-on shower can ruin the entire mood. Not smoking will fix this problem for you because instead of being anxiety-ridden about whether your hair, breath, or body smells like cigarettes, you can confidently show your partner some love.

Smoking also causes sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction in men. Smoking can prevent blood from properly circulating, increasing the chances of ED. This will not help intimacy in the bedroom as the focus will be on the inability to maintain an erection rather than on actual intercourse. In women, shortness of breath in the bedroom can be one of the side effects of smoking, making intercourse less pleasurable or more taxing. Putting down the cigarettes will help you solve many sexual issues and prevent you from worrying over your performance in the bedroom.

Reduce Fights Over Financials

Nicotine products are slowly becoming more and more expensive and depending on how much you smoke, this can really hurt your bank account. Money is a very important aspect of a relationship for most couples and if you have a joint bank account, learning that your partner spent a good chunk of your shared money on nicotine isn’t fun. Quitting means that there is one less thing for you and your partner to disagree over and this why it is one of the ways quitting smoking will improve your relationship. You’ll no longer have to worry about being chastised for spending on your habit because you won’t have one.

This will also free up money for other important things in your life. Maybe you can finally take that online college course or sign up for a membership at a gym that you like, either way, you now have more productive ways to spend the money you’ve freed up.

Making the decision to quit smoking is a good show of faith in your relationship. It lets your partner know that you’re serious about wanting to have a healthier and happier relationship. The effort you put into doing this is only going to benefit you and your loved one in the long run.


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