September 2, 2020


The back-to-school yoga routine

The scent of summer is starting to fade away, we find the sustained rhythm of our daily life but we would still like to incorporate a little of this summer relaxation into our everyday life. The solution? Integrate a yoga routine into your habits!

Sometimes getting back to normal after calmer summer months seems difficult and tiring, which is why we are presenting you a back-to-work yoga routine today. Indeed, taking even 10 or 15 minutes for yourself and taking the time to prepare your body and mind to face the day can be beneficial and save you from fatigue.

The benefits of yoga

What characterizes the practice of yoga today is the sequence of postures, which are made to relax and strengthen the body, and breathing exercises to regulate the flow of vital energy. Yoga is therefore a discipline that takes into account the tangible body but also the intangible which resides here in a flow of vital energy. Here are some of the benefits of yoga:

Body maintenance

The relaxation of the muscles is possible thanks to the sequence and the diversity of the postures which will stretch all the large muscle groups. Some postures are also focused on muscle building or balance. Most postures allow you to work on supporting your back. Indeed, a regular practice will help you with the tensions of the upper back (neck, nape, shoulders ...), to strengthen the dorso-lumbar zone and the abdominal strap.

Toned silhouette

As stated previously, yoga works on all the muscles of the body thanks to the different postures, which will allow them to be toned.

Better breathing

Breathing exercises in yoga will teach people who practice it regularly to control their breathing. Specific breathing exercises called “pranayamas” can also help you because they are close to breathing exercises that ease anxiety.

Stress reduction

This is part of the benefits of yoga thanks to the focus on the "here and now". Indeed, the practice of yoga encourages you to direct your attention to your body and your breathing, which is close to meditation.

Learn how to focus

You develop a lot of concentration while practicing yoga because the goal is to stay focused on what you are doing now. Easy to say, yes, but in practice it can be complicated at first because we don't realize the number of thoughts that are assaulting us all the time.

You certainly understand better now why so many people practice it! Yoga can also be a good activity when you quit smoking because it allows you to reduce the stress that withdrawal can induce, but also, more specifically, to develop your concentration to occupy your mind with other things when a craving arises.

The back-to-work yoga routine

The mountain

Stand with your back straight, feet parallel to each other with big toes touching. Look ahead to lengthen your neck. Bring your shoulders back and turn your palms forward.

The warrior

Stand with your back straight, feet parallel and wider than your pelvis. Turn the right foot so that it is perpendicular to the left and lean on it while looking in the direction of the right foot. Keep your back straight and raise your arms parallel to the floor. Reproduce the posture on the other side.

Sitting twist with legs extended

Begin in a seated position on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Bend the right knee to bring your right foot over the left leg. Place your right foot on the outside of the left knee. Raise your left arm and place your elbow on the outside of the right knee to apply a light pressure to it. You are normally in a twist position. Lean on your right hand to stay upright. Reproduce the posture on the other side.

The child's pose

Begin in a kneeling position, with the big toes touching each other and the knees as wide apart as the shoulders. Slowly sit up on your feet while extending your arms forward until your hands, and possibly your forehead, touch the floor.

Hold each position for 5-10 breaths then change. Breathe slowly and deeply through each posture.

And there you go! You've discovered our back-to-work yoga routine! We hope you enjoyed this little routine and that you feel ready, physically and mentally, for the start of September.


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