July 1, 2022


Is there a miracle cure to stop smoking?

You're trying to quit smoking and in order to do so are you looking for a miracle cure? A cure that will make your cravings disappear overnight?

Are you trying to quit smoking and are you looking for a quick fix? The remedy that will make your cravings disappear overnight? THE method to stop smoking effortlessly? What if you already had the miracle cure to stop smoking?

A few days ago, we received this message:

β€œI quit smoking almost 3 months since, but for the last 3 days I've been relapsing... Is there a miracle cure that can help me?β€œ

Is there a miracle cure to stop smoking?

There is no miracle cure to stop smoking from one day to the next without any difficulty, without having any desire to smoke or feeling the withdrawal. But there are (almost) miraculous remedies to make quitting easier.

Here is a list:

  • Motivation: we often forget this, but it is a key element to quit smoking easily.

  • Preparation: this involves developing a strategy before actively engaging in the process of quitting smoking.

  • Patience and kindness: quitting smoking takes time, be patient, you are on the right track, don't get discouraged! And don't forget to go easy on yourself, relapses are part of your smoking withdrawal process, they are not signs of failure, you are heading in the right direction.

Motivation: an underestimated miracle cure

Want to quit smoking? Ask yourself why! Make a list and keep it in mind. It is motivation that will lead you to action. Never forget: a motivated person does whatever it takes to achieve his or her goals. If you want to be that person: read on!

To boost your motivation and develop your own magic remedy to quit smoking.

Preparation: the long-lost remedy

Preparing to quit smoking multiplies the chances of success and yet many smokers choose to skip this step... wrongly!

Preparation consists of several elements:

  • Understand why you smoke

  • Think about why you want to quit

  • Focus on how to deal with situations where you used to smoke

  • Set a quit date

Some people start smoking in their teens. For others, it happened later in high school or university, when they started working. Or you may have started smoking for no specific reason. This is why it is important to understand why you started smoking and why you still smoke. What made you start smoking then may not be part of your life now. This can help you prepare for the times when you will miss smoking and cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You are more likely to quit successfully if you plan ahead. Some people find it easier to quit smoking when they are on holiday, away from their usual routine. It is important to choose a day that will suit you best.

Preparing to quit may not be the quick fix you've been looking for... and yet it works!

Patience and kindness : your allies to quit smoking

Don 't rush, take the time to get to know yourself, to understand your addiction in order to better overcome it. And above all, don' t forget to be indulgent with yourself .

It 's pretty easy to say that the miracle solution to stop smoking is composed of 4 elements:

  • Motivation

  • Preparation

  • Patience

  • Kindness

It's not a miracle cure, it's science: use Kwit!


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