Pregnant and smoker? Don’t panic, download Kwit!

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Because every mother is a superhero

The little being that grows inside you is an extraordinary source of motivation. Your iron will, worthy of superheroes, is what will enable you to avoid any relapse. Maternal instinct emerges way before the delivery and will also give you the necessary strength to overcome the symptoms due to the smoking cessation. Believe in yourself! Your child will always provide you the, sometimes unsuspected, energy you need to achieve your objectives.

Baby in a bed

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

Agatha Christie

Kwit: a safe method for baby

Kwit is a mobile application that has been designed to support you during your smoking cessation. Inspired by cognitive and behavioral theories, the application relies on a playful and original approach that encourages users to overcome their addiction by making the quitting process entertaining. Kwit will never put the blame on you. On the contrary, it will continue to support you with kindness towards a tobacco-free life.

Your well-being and the well-being of your child are our priority, which is why we have chosen to work with doctors and psychologists to professionally support you in your new life without tobacco.

The application is based on the principles of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, one of the only non-medicinal approaches whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Don't hesitate any longer, this smoking cessation method is made for you, because it will have no negative effect on your baby who will thank you later for keeping your resolution.

Forget stress, and stay positive and optimistic: you can do it 💪

As we know that stress is bad for the baby, the application uses positive reinforcement. At Kwit, we encourage good behaviour without criticizing bad behaviour. This guilt-free approach values our users and strengthens their energy. It is a method that allows everyone to be supported in their withdrawal, from small victories to small victories.

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A non-medicinal approach, without nicotine substitutes 💊

Because as a mother-to-be you want the best for your child, Kwit provides you with an effective withdrawal solution that will allow you to cope with your symptoms without taking patches, medication or electronic cigarettes, in order to protect your child from nicotine. Thanks to Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (CABT), the application promotes the learning of new behaviours: it is about succeeding tomorrow what you think you are incapable of today and that you may have failed to accomplish yesterday.

Forget stress, and stay positive and optimistic: you can do it 💪

Kwit: accept your weaknesses and gain self-confidence

Kwit knows that quitting smoking is a challenge, and that it is normal to have moments of weakness or fragility during your journey. This is why the application takes the decision to accept your possible relapses or slippages, and especially to continue to support you in a caring and non-culpable way at times when motivation and self-confidence are likely to be lacking.

The most important thing is not to give up. You can do it! You can do it!

The desire to smoke is sometimes so strong that you doubt your ability to overcome them? Don't panic, Kwit has made you a list of tips to boost your motivation in moments of doubt!


Take advantage of your medical appointments to seek advice from specialists. This is an opportunity to discuss your tobacco use and the support and assistance tools available to you given your condition.


Feel free to start new relaxing activities while you quit smoking. Consider an introduction to prenatal yoga or mindfulness meditation. In addition to relieving you of accumulated stress, these activities will allow you to stop thinking about the withdrawal symptoms you are currently experiencing.


By quitting smoking before the little being who is growing inside you is born, you are setting a good example. He will never see his mother with a cigarette in her hand. Think about it: what you do today, you do for him too.

There is no better reason to download Kwit!

I quit smoking with Kwit

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Kwit: a simple and effective method to support you during your pregnancy

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A personalized dashboard

Thanks to your dashboard, keep track of your daily progress and see the evolution in your cessation process. The number of days since your last cigarette, the money that you saved and that can be used for your baby, the number of unsmoked cigarettes that keeps him/her in good health or the gain in life expectancy which will enable you to see him/her grow up and have children of his/her own – all these are encouraging signs that prove that your efforts are starting to bear fruit. With Kwit, you will never be alone again in your fight against tobacco addiction.

More and more successes ready to be celebrated

Thanks to Kwit, follow the positives effects the cessation does to your body. With each unsmoked cigarette, your body is recovering and gaining its vitality back. The risks of having a heart attack, a lung cancer or a stroke will dramatically decrease while the nicotine is going out of your body once and for all. Kwit is here to help you overcome all the symptoms of the quitting process serenely during your pregnancy.

From one small victory to another, with one goal in mind: your health and your baby’s

Don't doubt yourself and your abilities, we know you can do it. Quitting smoking is within everyone's reach, and you have the opportunity to do it for your child. There is no better motivation and, at Kwit, we know that. That's why the application is always motivating you. How? How? Thanks to gamification.

Kwit is a fun application, built like a game. Thanks to this powerful tool called gamification, quitting smoking becomes simple and fun! The objective is to induce behavioural changes in our users while encouraging them to remain determined. The playful touch also allows you to approach smoking cessation in a positive way and as a goal you are able to achieve.

I can quit smoking 💪

Quitting smoking at any time during your pregnancy will give your baby a better chance of a good start in life.

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give him or her a good start in life. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but remember: it's never too late!

Quitting smoking now will also help your baby later in life. Children whose parents smoke are more likely to have asthma and other serious illnesses that may require hospital treatment.

The sooner you quit smoking, the better your baby will feel. And remember: even if you stop in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, you and your baby will still benefit.

Infant in the arms of his mother

From one small victory to another, with one goal in mind: your health and your baby’s

At times, even the motivation to give the best to your unborn child may not be enough to give you enough strength to continue your smoking cessation. But Kwit will always be there for you. Shake your phone and a motivation card will appear to remind you that you are able to cope with this addiction.

Share your success on social networks, set a good example, show that you can do it, and draw your strength from the encouragement of all those who react, who are proud of you.

You are going to give birth to a child, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful things that will happen to you in your life. Think of quitting smoking not as a burden, but as a gift you give to your unborn baby.

You offer him to live, so why not offer him to live in the best of all worlds?

I take up the challenge for my child

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His health and yours: that's our concern.

Why don't you stop smoking as a couple?

Your child is growing inside you, so you have a great responsibility. During these 9 months, this baby is part of you: he eats like you, he feels some of your emotions, your anxieties, your joys, he walks with you, he hears what you hear and also breathes the air you breathe. So yes, you have a great responsibility to protect your children, but so do the people around you, in a way. The purity of the environment in which you and your child live is important, and it is important to avoid exposing them to passive smoking. So why not take advantage of the arrival of your wonder to improve the health of the whole family? Does your spouse smoke? What if you offered to stop smoking with you?

5 arguments to convince him to quit smoking with you

It will be so much easier for me to resist smoking!

You have made the choice, for your unborn child, to quit smoking and your spouse knows it. He may even have encouraged you to do so. Explain how quitting smoking would make it easier for you to quit! Despite all your goodwill, you may have cravings, and these will be easier to overcome if you don't have your partner's cigarettes on hand.

The same is true for your spouse: if you no longer smoke, it will be easier for him not to think about smoking and to change his mind with you, for example by going out for a walk and choosing little slippers for the birth of your baby!

Our baby will be protected during my pregnancy

This argument is a strong one: your spouse, like you, wants the best for your unborn baby. Although your behaviour has the greatest impact on your unborn baby during pregnancy, given the proximity of a mother to her fetus, it cannot always protect her from passive smoking. By quitting smoking, your partner will increase with you the chances of having a healthy child.

Our child will grow up in a healthy, tobacco-free world

It is already a great proof of love from you and your partner to quit smoking during pregnancy. If you've lasted 9 months, why not last a lifetime? By quitting smoking during pregnancy, you will have done the hard part! By continuing your efforts together after the birth of your child, you can be proud to welcome this new little one into a healthy home, where he or she can grow and develop without harmful smoke.

Baby on a bed with a diaper

You will be a healthier Dad and present for our child who will never thank you enough

Your spouse is certainly already well aware of the risks associated with smoking on his or her own health. Try to make him realize that it will now be important for him to be healthy not only for himself, but also for that child who will need his Daddy. Quitting smoking will allow him to live better and longer, and your child, when he realizes this, will always be grateful to him!

You will be an example for our child, who will be in admiration in front of his parents

Today, no smoker wants his child to suffer from this nicotine addiction. By setting an example for non-smoking parents, you and your partner can significantly reduce the risk that your child will also smoke by mimicry. Your child will naturally be in admiration in front of you and will do everything as you do! So if you are healthy and happy parents, so will he be!

Let's go for a life without tobacco!

Smiling babies