August 21, 2019


Voices of Kwitters — Renat's testimonial

Testimonials from former smokers are very useful for people who have decided to quit smoking, but need a little help to get started. A Kwitter, called Renat, agreed to tell us about his experience from Russia, his country of origin.

In this article, Renat shares his experience and reveals his successes and difficult moments.

« I started smoking because I wanted to feel close to my friends »

I started smoking regularly when I went to college. My new friends were all smoking cigarettes. I wanted to be closer to them so I started smoking too.

I tried cigarettes for the first time when I was 13 or 14 years old. But I didn't like them and I didn't try to smoke again until my 18th birthday. When I turned 18, I smoked for 2-3 months. People were telling me a lot that it was not good for my health, that I was at risk of getting cancer or other diseases.

I decided to quit smoking when I read Allen Carr's book, but for some reason, it only lasted two weeks before I start smoking again. I always knew smoking was harmful but I couldn’t realize it. I kept trying to quit, but as soon as I ran out of motivation, I started smoking again. I was 29 years old and smoked up to 1 pack a day.

« This time, I hope I'll quit forever »

Eventually, everything happened very fast. I didn't like cigarettes, their taste and smell anymore. And one day, my friend and I were walking around and we only had one cigarette. So I said: « Let's smoke it and then quit ». He agreed and advised me to download an app that would monitor my progress. I searched for an app in the store and I found Kwit. I liked its design so I downloaded it. It was on April, 21th 2019. This time, I hope I’ll quit forever.

I didn't really prepare for this cessation, it was very spontaneous. But unconsciously, I think I've been looking for an excuse for a long time to quit smoking.

The first days were kind of weird. I wanted to smoke, of course, but I was reminding myself "Hey, you didn’t smoke the past 2 days! Don't you want to pursue your efforts? » So I kept telling myself to continue week after week.

« Smoking a cigarette is not a failure »

I smoked one cigarette, even half a cigarette, after a month. I was curious and a little drunk, but then I quickly came to my senses and regretted it. I didn't want to give up all my efforts after smoking just one cigarette, for me it's not a failure. So after smoking it, I continued my efforts to stay non-smoker.

At the beginning, I often opened the app to see how long I had been non-smoker. It helped me. And then I started opening the app less often. But it's always nice to see the levels increase and the health benefits.

Sometimes, I still want to smoke, especially when I’m going to places where I used to smoke. But now it's less and less.

My Kwitter experience

Nobody told me about Kwit. I just typed the words "quit smoking" in the store and one of the first app was Kwit. I liked the icon and the design so I downloaded it.

Kwit looks complete and harmonious. I was able to follow my progress day after day, it was inspiring.

If I had to give some advice to people who want to quit smoking, I would tell them that quitting smoking is worth it!

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