December 31, 2022


4 really useful tips to quit smoking

Have you tried to quit smoking and read our article "The 4 mistakes to avoid when quitting smoking"? Now would you like to know the 4 great tips to help you? Please don't panic, we've got you covered! Here are 4 really useful tips for quitting smoking:

Useful tip #1 for quitting smoking: Dare to ask for help!

During your smoking cessation you will encounter difficult periods, and need moral support! To do this, ask for help from those closest to you. Share with them what you are going through, and let them reach out to you!

Some of them may have gone through the same thing trying to quit smoking and will surely be of good advice!

Don't overlook the help that your loved ones can give you! You are not alone!

If you're uncomfortable confiding in your loved ones, there are other options! Like sharing groups (our application has a specialized tab), your general practitioner, an addiction specialist (tobacco specialist, psychologist specialized in behavioral and cognitive therapies...).

It is an excellent mental strength to dare to ask for help. So don't hesitate!

Useful tip #2 for quitting smoking: Identify risky situations to prepare yourself better!

You don't go to war unprepared! Trying to quit smoking involves a lot of changes. So it's best for you to know about them so you can be better prepared:

For example, if you feel that the risk of relapse is too significant, avoid going out with your smoking friends on a balcony in the evening. Even if that's what you used to do!

If you used to go out for a smoke with your colleagues during coffee breaks, avoid going with them if you don't feel you can resist the urge to smoke with them.

Try to find compromises to this kind of situation. Using the example above, offer to start the indoor break with your colleagues before they go outside to smoke so that you can enjoy their company. You can also take advantage of this break to get some fresh air and take a leisurely walk.

These little everyday situations that you overlook as a smoker but that are everywhere when trying to quit smoking should be analyzed and considered.

The more you are prepared for them, the better you will be able to handle them!

Useful tip #3 for quitting smoking: Listen to yourself!

You must listen to yourself. Only you know how to succeed in this withdrawal!

Listen to your body and its needs. If you are stressed or anxious about quitting smoking, do something YOU love, that will relax you. You know yourself best! You know what works for you, so use it!

And remember, every quit is different, so your neighbor's methods to quit smoking may not be correct for you! It's okay to listen to advice, but if it doesn't work for you don't panic. Instead, listen to yourself and try something else.

This can also be a time to get back in touch with yourself and focus more on you and your body rather than the cravings previously imposed by nicotine addiction.

Useful tip #4 to quit smoking: Adopt a healthy lifestyle!

During the withdrawal period your body and mind will be put to the test! All the more reason to take care of it.

Try to adopt a particular routine to help you get through withdrawal in the best possible conditions: try to go to bed early to restore your body, eat a balanced diet to help your body, do sports or meditation for your mental health, etc.

All these small actions will help you maximize your energy to help you fight your addiction!

Because quitting smoking takes a lot of energy.

To conclude:

You now have all the keys you need to succeed in quitting smoking!

Remember, you can do it, don't put too much pressure on your shoulders!

And we are here to help you if you need help, just download Kwit.

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