November 10, 2022


Loïc: He stopped smoking with his wife

Quitting smoking alone is a real challenge. But when there are two of you and a bit of competition comes into play, it's much more fun! In this article, Loïc shares with us how he managed to quit smoking with the help of his wife.

"When I started smoking, it was only to be 'like the grown-ups'!"

I started smoking at a very young age in secondary school. I remember that when I started smoking, I wouldn't say I liked the taste at all. But, like many people, it was only to be "like the grown-ups"! So my friends and I used to share cigarettes after school.

"The ever-increasing price of the packet encouraged me to stop!"

I decided to stop smoking at 27 when I was smoking between 20 and 25 cigarettes a day. The ever-increasing price of a packet encouraged me to stop!

"My wife's choice became my choice!"

My wife managed to quit, thanks to Kwit! The fact that she made this choice was an actual trigger for me. Only two weeks after she stopped, I decided to do the same.

So my wife's choice became mine!

It was incredible because we motivated each other; before I knew it, a little competition was born between us!

Since then, I've enjoyed not having to go outside in the winter to smoke my cigarettes and not having that nasty cold tobacco smell on my hands.

"My wife knew that comparing our data would motivate me to keep going!"

It was my wife who told me about the Kwit application. She knew that being able to compare our data would motivate me to stick with it and quit for good!

The dashboard allows me to see how long I've been quitting smoking and how much I've saved. And that motivates me enormously!

I also like seeing the number of cigarettes not smoked increasing. It's pretty impressive! It was only then that I realized what I was getting myself into when I started smoking!

The application is complete. It knows how to motivate me by the savings made and by the impact of my decision on my health. I was far from suspecting all these effects!

"When you feel like cracking up, look at the achievements you've already made!"

I would advise anyone who wants to quit smoking not to hesitate to use nicotine replacement therapy if needed.

And when you feel like quitting, take a look at the app to see the achievements you've already made It's very encouraging, I promise you!

And above all, belief in yourself and your wife's choice!

If you also want to quit smoking, don't hesitate to download Kwit!

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