March 18, 2020


Voices of Kwitters β€” Evy's testimonial

Testimonials from former Kwitters help our current users to embark on their journey towards a tobacco-free life. In addition to being motivating, they also make you feel supported and understood.

Β« My trigger was the fact that I was no longer socially accepted Β»

I smoked my first cigarette with my classmates when I was about 13 years old. Every Saturday, we would meet at the market and smoke cigarettes in an alley where no one could see us. When I was 16, I started smoking regularly.

When I decided to quit, I was 39 years old and smoked an average of 12 cigarettes a day. Some days it was a little more, others a little less. I started to worry about the effects that smoking had on me, like the typical smoker's cough in the morning. Physically, my health had deteriorated a lot.

My partner, who doesn't smoke, had already suggested a few times that he wanted me to quit. And what triggered me was the fact that I was no longer socially accepted. In my circle of friends, almost no one was smoking anymore. You are considered a pariah, as if you were a criminal. I felt very uncomfortable about it.

Before I stopped for good, I went through a few failures. This time, I tried Champix, a withdrawal drug. It's been almost six months now since I quit, and it feels good.

Β« Smoking a cigarette was my opportunity to escape Β»

The first few days without cigarettes, I really went through bad times. The medication may have made them more bearable, but in addition to the addiction, I also had to overcome the habit of smoking. I smoked mainly at fixed hours, so when I quit, every time we got to an hour when I normally went out for a cigarette, I felt a little lost. At that time, I easily had cravings. Today, I still have some...

For me, smoking was also mainly related to stress (at work). It was my opportunity to escape when I had trouble getting by or needed a break. I was worried about it when I stopped, but I finally managed to overcome the cravings.

I had a relapse: at Pentecost, there are always festivities in our church. I had a drink and let myself be seduced by a cigarette. Alcohol is a trigger for me, but after that, I stopped smoking and avoided alcohol and stress as much as possible.

Sometimes I want to smoke, but not as much as I did at first. Personally, I think that the cravings will never disappear, but they become more bearable. However, the addiction to cigarettes disappeared, and I am very happy about that.

My experience with Kwit

I discovered Kwit thanks to a friend who also stopped in the meantime.

What I like most is that the app is motivating. I like the fact that we receive reports on our health, for example, the last one I received is: "you are less sensitive to diseases". And it's true, I can already see a huge difference.

My advice to Kwitters and future Kwitters

Just do it, that's all. You feel better about yourself. The addiction disappears. It's not easy, I thought I'd never succeed, but it's worth a try.

You quit smoking with Kwit? Feel free to contact us at, we would love to hear more about your experience as a Kwitter. Like Evy, tell us about your path to a smoke-free life!

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