January 26, 2023


6 tips to replace the cigarette break

Quitting smoking brings significant changes to your daily routine. But what is the biggest nightmare of all those who quit smoking? The cigarette break! How to avoid it at work? How to get around it? How do you say no to your colleagues? These questions can plague many people in the process of quitting.

Today, we dare to tell you: don't panic! Because at Kwit, we have put our creative brains to work to find you 6 tips to replace the cigarette break.

Relaxation, humor, and good humor are guaranteed!

So, ready to revolutionize your daily life?

Tip #1: Music break

What better way to escape, clear your head, and let yourself be transported than with music?

Put on your best headphones and enter your inner world with our anti-cracking playlists on Spotify!

Good vibes are guaranteed! And who knows, you'll convince your colleagues to join you in a karaoke jam!

Tip #2: Fresh air break

Stretching your legs, observing nature, slowing down... Do you feel like it?

Air your mind instead of fogging your lungs!

You might be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the world around you!

And it will allow you to disconnect completely!

You might even come across some small animals along the way! How exciting is that?

On the other hand, if you see Simba... Run!

Tip #3: Tea Break

For many former smokers, drinking coffee is often too closely linked to smoking.

It might be time to change your habits.

Then why not tea?

This beverage, which dates back to ancient times and has several medicinal benefits, can be a great substitute.

Plus, with so many choices available, you're bound to find something you like!

Reinvent this particular moment so that it becomes a ritual that reflects you and is synonymous with well-being.

Don't be afraid of change!

Tip #4: ASMR Break

Yes, this method, which has been all the rage on the networks for a few years now, is frighteningly effective against stress and anxiety!

But first of all, what is ASMR?

It is both a psychological and physical experience.

It is a sensory response to small pleasant noises to which we are more or less sensitive.

It allows us to feel calm, happy, and sleepy, as well as to experience a tingling sensation on the scalp, along the nape of the neck, and the spine, thanks to a video that we watch.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube to choose from! All you have to do is type "ASMR" on the search bar.

Thrill guaranteed!

Tip #5: Call a friend

What if you decided to replace the 10-minute cigarette break with a call to someone you care about?

There is often not enough time in the day to call a loved one.

So, what if you took advantage of this break to give yourself that particular moment?

This kind of call can considerably boost your morale, relax you and boost you for the rest of the day.

So don't hesitate!

Tip #6: Craft break

Making crafts has a lot of benefits.

And origami and mandalas are among them!

These two manual activities help improve concentration and memory.

They also promote creativity and allow you to relax, to release the stress and anxiety accumulated during a working day.

So why not grab a small pad of paper and relax for a few minutes?

And who knows, you might discover a hidden talent in yourself or your colleagues who will play along!

To conclude:

So you are in control of your breaks! But combining several of our tips is possible to create the perfect vacation!

For example, by combining the "fresh air break" with the "music break" or the "tea break" with the "craft break"! Let your imagination run wild!

Good luck!

And for an extra boost, download Kwit!

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