February 15, 2023


How to use music to stop smoking?

Would you like to know how to stop smoking with music? Yes, it is possible to replace the pleasure of smoking with the pleasure of listening to music.

This substitution releases the same pleasure substances that you feel when you smoke: in particular, serotonin and dopamine. We can talk about music therapy.

It will allow you to focus on something other than cigarettes and your strong desire to smoke. Who would have thought that music could be used to cure illnesses?

Let's go for the instructions!

Music: a motivating source of pleasure 💪

Motivation is often what we lack when trying to stop smoking! Getting motivated to think about something else is not easy. Music is a source of motivation and pleasure that should not be neglected, it transmits many positive emotions. Listening to music when you are trying to stop smoking has a positive and beneficial effect on your mood.

So turn up the sound and let yourself be inspired by our motivational playlist 👀

Sing it out loud in the car, dance it out in the living room, and show off your best choreography to the world!

Listening to music helps reduce anxiety

Stress and anxiety have been the order of the day since you stop smoking?

Relaxing music is good for your body and brain! It allows you to clear your mind after a long day. It helps to reduce the high heart rate caused by the stress that occurs when you are withdrawing from nicotine.

No more smoking cessation stress, adopt relaxing music! Relax with a Kwit relaxation playlist that will allow you to take a break from your daily routine. 🧘

Music will be your smoking cessation tool

Did you know that music is magic for quitting smoking? It can get you over a craving in a flash, by making sure you listen to the right playlists like Kwit's for example 😏

Our 30-minute cravings playlist (clickable link) will create a conducive atmosphere that will allow you to focus on something other than smoking.

Music is a valuable aid in quitting smoking, it allows your body and mind to be in perfect osmosis by forgetting about disruptive elements such as your cravings to smoke.

Music keeps your weight stable and helps you eat healthy 🥒

You often hear: Quitting smoking makes you fat! The urge to compensate by eating is not uncommon when you stop smoking. What if we told you that music influences your eating habits?

In fact, you will consume less food and enjoy it more when you listen to calm and relaxing playlists. We invite you to create a relaxed atmosphere and share your results with us at hello@kwit.app.

Discover our Kwit playlists on Spotify 📲

Stop smoking! It's the best decision you'll ever make! You'll be doing something great for your body, your morale, those around you, and the planet. 👏🎉

And remember, the most important factor is being motivated to improve your daily life. And to stay motivated, listen to our playlists on Spotify. 💪

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