October 2, 2019


Stoptober, the perfect occasion to stop smoking

Stoptober is a worldwide known challenge to stop smoking. Need help to stop? Think to Kwit, one of the 5 best smoking cessation apps in the world! Stoptober is the perfect occasion to begin a smoking cessation because you can count on the support of every other challenger and of some public institutes.

Stoptober is the perfect occasion to quit smoking, already taken by close to 1.5 million people since the first campaign. Launched by the British Government and the National Health Service in 2012, Stoptober encourages smokers in a positive way to end their addiction to tobacco during a month. You need motivation and more reasons to stop smoking? Good to know that for this occasion, tools are available for those who wish. If you want to complete this tool pack, do not hesitate to download the Kwit app!

Why 28 days?

Because it has been proven that a smoker who doesn't yield to cigarettes during 28 days is five times more likely to quit smoking for good. However, the first month of smoking cessation is the hardest, and by facing it together, this challenge makes it easier.

You have decided to be part of this golden opportunity? You have taken the first step, congratulations! Now you should prepare yourself because to take up such a challenge, you will need support. The Kwit application accompanies you during Stoptober and even after in your smoking cessation process.

How can Kwit help during Stoptober?

Kwit is one of the top 5 smoking cessation mobile applications in the world. It relies on scientific methods and helps you to quit smoking on a daily basis with positivity and kindness. Kwit uses a scientifically proven method of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to support and help you achieve your goal: a tobacco-free life.

With this playful app, you will get through Stoptober by unlocking levels like in a game. Thanks to Kwit, keep a record of all your cravings to have a better understanding of them. Kwit supports you from the moment you decide to stop smoking and helps you during Stoptober. Today, achieve the victory you thought was impossible yesterday!

How does the Kwit app work?

  • Download the app available both on the Apple Store and on the Google Playstore.

  • Enter your smoking habits in the app, which will allow Kwit help you understand your dependence.

  • Choose the 1st of October as a starting date.

  • A dashboard shows you how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, the amount of money or time you saved, etc.

  • A page gathers all your success since you started using the application.

Thanks to Kwit, you keep track of your successes, your overwhelming cravings but also of your occasional relapses. In this way, you learn to understand and manage your addiction. Kwit also keeps track of your day-to-day progress, which allows you to see how your nicotine withdrawal evolves and helps you understand your use of NRT and vape. Step by step, you unlock levels until you achieve a tobacco-free life. You will never be alone again to stop smoking!

How does the Kwit app work?

Stoptober offers the perfect occasion to begin your smoking cessation with thousands of smokers who want to quit, just like you. You will feel less lonely and stronger if you know that others are also going through insomnia, anxiety, or other smoking cessation symptoms.

Encourage your relatives such as your children, parents or partner to follow your initiative and support each other with Kwit!

Need more help to quit smoking?

You can also join the Kwitters Group on Facebook, where you can share your experience with other Kwitters. The Kwitters Group is a space for exchange and mutual support for all those who want to stop smoking.

On the Kwit website, you can also find a blog with all the tips from Kwit to understand and facilitate your withdrawal. A new article is published every week. Here is a non-exhaustive list of articles that may help you during the beginning of the smoking cessation process:

Find all our tips and advice here to make your participation in Stoptober a success!

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