May 6, 2020


Voices of Kwitters â€” Tkhead's testimonial

He was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and yet he managed to quit overnight! Here is his story.

« It was caused by the customs of the 80's. »

I tried my first cigarette between the ages of 15 and 16. It was caused by the time, age, customs of the 80's.

I began smoking on a regular basis when I was 18.

My withdrawal was abrupt, I was 47 years old and was smoking two packs a day. I think my cessation was due to a sum of factors. I was tired of smoking. The real motivation for me was the challenge. I quit smoking the night my daughter turned 17.

« If I don't smoke my first cigarette in the morning, I don't smoke anymore. »

At the beginning they were strange days, for so many years of smoking. I remember that the next day my only thought was: "If I don't smoke my first cigarette in the morning, I don't smoke anymore." Luckily, I had no apprehension.

I did not have any relapse, nor strategies when I wanted to smoke at the beginning. Today I do not feel any need.

My Kwitter experience

What I like about the app is that it support your decision, efficiently, without being invasive. Reviewing the improvements day by day and unlocking achievements really motivated me.

Do it as soon as possible. It is not impossible!

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