December 12, 2018


Impact of Tobacco on Sexuality

Studies have shown that smoking affects your sexuality. But how exactly? Kwit explains everything and gives you ideas on how to stop smoking!

In terms of health, we instinctively associate tobacco with cancer. It's forgotten that smoking can also impact other aspects of your life, including your sexuality. In this article, we analyze the impact that tobacco has on it. The effects are multiple and affect sexuality in general, for both men and women. Tobacco also affects your fertility. If you are addicted to tobacco but your sex life has its ups and downs, you will understand why. Enough to motivate you to change your habits to get rid of your tobacco addiction!

Tobacco has an impact on sexuality...

Studies have proven that nicotine has a negative impact on sexual arousal, since tobacco acts on the bloodstream. It should not be believed that only the heaviest smokers are exposed to this type of problem. Even a smoker with a light cigarette consumption can be concerned.

According to studies carried out in this field, it’s the toxic components of cigarettes - nicotine, carbon monoxide or certain free radicals - that are responsible for vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction affects the sexuality of men and women.

The Impact of Tobacco on Men’s Sexuality

For men, this manifests itself in erectile dysfunction. Because the penis isn’t properly irrigated, dysfunctions occur. Studies have shown that tobacco affects the sexuality of 40% of smokers! In addition, the smoke emitted by cigarettes also acts on libido, desire, since it tends to decrease the secretion of testosterone. Forget everything you may have seen leading you to think that a man is more virile with a cigarette, the reality is quite the opposite.

The Impact of Tobacco on Women's Sexuality

In women, poor blood circulation impacts vaginal lubrication, causing vaginal dryness and limiting arousal. It’s also important to know that when you smoke, it can be dangerous to use birth control pills which can also affect blood circulation.

… but it also has an impact on fertility

Tobacco does not only affect sexual arousal. It also affects the fertility of women and men.

The impact of tobacco on genetic material

A study carried out in Singapore in the early 2000s showed that tobacco had negative effects on sperm. Sperm are affected in terms of quality and volume, but also density and viability.

Tobacco can cause a deficiency of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid is involved in the creation of genetic material and cell growth. Thus, a deficiency of vitamin B9 can cause a decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm, but it can also lead to fetal' malformations.

The impact of tobacco on pregnancy

If you want to have a child, it’s good to know that tobacco impacts pregnancy. This applies to a mother-to-be, of course, but also to the future dad. In this regard, a study conducted by the Buffalo School of Public Health found that passive smoking was just as dangerous as direct smoking during pregnancy. What motivate your partner and your entourage to quit smoking during this period!

Tobacco is said to cause 35% of ectopic pregnancies and multiplies by three the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. To put all the chances on your side if you want a child, it’s therefore strongly recommended to stop smoking, even before the beginning of a pregnancy.

The level of carbon monoxide in the blood is higher in a person exposed to tobacco. Inevitably, when a woman who smokes is pregnant, the level is also higher for her baby. Concretely, this implies that the fetus is under-oxygenated. In addition, the substances contained in the smoke are most often the cause of growth retardation. Finally, the babies exposed to tobacco during pregnancy are also at greater risk of being born prematurely.

The impact of tobacco is still felt after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. A smoker who decides to breastfeed her child would thus pass on some of the nicotine that she consumes every day. This would be like putting a cigarette directly into her baby's mouth.

If you want to have a child, it’s therefore strongly recommended that you stop smoking, whether you are a woman or a man. This will increase the chances of pregnancy and limit the risk of complications, allowing you to give birth to a healthy child. For more information, don’t hesitate to consult our page on tobacco and pregnancy!

Use Kwit to End the Impact of Tobacco on Sexuality!

Far from the image conveyed by the cinema, smoking has a negative impact on our sexuality. In the long run, it seriously harms a fulfilling sexual life for both men and women, as well as their full capacity to conceive children. Tobacco also ends up having a harmful influence on your relationship, which inevitably impacts your sexuality.

This article has motivated you to say goodbye to smoking and the harmful effects of tobacco on your sexuality? Download Kwit, and don't hesitate to try this little game to quit smoking with your partner (for singles, it also works with your loved ones)!

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