November 2, 2022


How to find the motivation to quit smoking: testimony

In this motivating article, Virge shares her story and explains how the Kwit app is helping her to find motivation in her fight to quit smoking.

“I started smoking to be like my friends” 

I started smoking at 40 years old, which is different from most smokers. But like any first-time smoker, I started smoking to be like my friends. I was tempted every time I went out or to a restaurant. I felt like I was alone at my table, while the smokers were outside talking. 

This was coupled with an intense period of stress and smoking a cigarette felt like a battery recharge. 

“I was awakened every morning by coughing” 

Very quickly my cigarette consumption increased to 1 pack every other day. I smoked even more at parties and weekends. 

I'm not very athletic so I started to feel the negative effects of smoking on my body. When I went up the stairs, I was very out of breath and tired. Most of all, I would wake up every morning with coughing fits. Smoking made it difficult for me to swallow at times, and this was followed by thyroiditis, which made me even weaker.

“I used to pretend that I was free to choose to smoke (...) then there was this series of clicks” 

I had tried to quit smoking before but lacked motivation and found excuses to give in to the call of nicotine. I used the excuse that "I was free to choose to smoke". 

Then there was this series of triggers that awakened my motivation to quit smoking: my colleague, a former smoker, who pointed out to me that "I smelled bad". But also, the budget was devoted to cigarettes with which I could offer myself a nice vacation. 

“I was claiming my freedom, but I realized that it was the cigarette that dictated its law” 

One Sunday, at the end of the day, I was sick and in bed. And yet, I still got behind the wheel going to search a pack of cigarettes. I can't figure out how I found the energy and motivation to drive. It was at that moment that I realized my level of addiction... 

I was claiming my freedom, but I realized that it was the cigarette that was dictating the law. 

The next day, I went to the pharmacy to buy a box of patches, saying to myself "Tomorrow I'll start to quit!". 

The next morning, the cough woke me up like every morning. Today I quit smoking! I put on my patches and I follow the usual advice (drink water when I want to, brush my teeth...). The hardest thing is to forget the gestures and reflexes.  

“My experience with Kwit” 

One day, I found the Kwit application by chance. I thought to myself, "I like to take on challenges, this application will set me goals to achieve and will give me the motivation I need to quit smoking. I visualize the different options like the money I have saved and I make a list of my cravings. 

The first progress is coming quickly, which keeps me motivated. I enjoy seeing the numbers on the money saved and cigarettes not smoked counters, increase a little more each day. 

I was dreading the bad mood, but in the end, it remained discreet. Day after day, I'm holding on and validating my Kwit goals, which motivates me even more. I am coughing less and less and I am finding the tastes and smells again. 

Strangely, I am not tempted when someone smokes next to me. On the contrary, it motivates me not to start again. I am on the right track! 

“My advice to Kwitters and future Kwitters” 

I made a list of simple things to do to think about something else when I felt like smoking: take out the trash, put away the little drawer in the cabinet, make the shopping list, put on nail polish, call to make an appointment for a haircut, etc. Honestly, I was surprised by how easy it was to think of something else. 

2 months after quitting smoking, it's pure happiness not to be caught every morning with coughing fits. To be able to walk up the stairs without being at the end of my life. To find the taste of food again. What pride also to have had the motivation to take up this challenge. And finally, we also spend some very nice moments with non-smokers. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot... I'm back from a week of sunny vacations with the sea. Because I deserve it. 

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