September 4, 2019


Why not quit smoking when you return from summer holidays?

You didn't take advantage of the summer to quit smoking, but you have set your quit date for September 1st? Good news: it's also a very good time to stop smoking!

« That's it, it's decided: I'm quitting smoking »

You want to start off on the right foot for the new school year and make good resolutions? Congratulations on this great decision. The back-to-school season is the perfect time to stop. September is the month when the routine is reinstated and habits return to normal, with a few small changes. Take advantage of the start of the school year to optimize your time and ban cigarettes from your life. Planning a date for your quit is a good thing because it gives you the time you need to prepare (yes, quitting smoking is something to prepare for!).

You can already plan your good resolutions: the badminton hall opened between 6pm and 8pm in front of the office is waiting for you! Feel free to plan activities during times when you used to smoke. Take the lead and organize your new life without cigarettes.

Back-to-school season: the perfect moment

Congratulations: in addition to making the right decision, you have chosen the right time. The start of the school year is synonymous with good resolutions to prolong the moments of well-being that you granted yourself during the summer!

September often brings an air of renewal. You've come back from a vacation full of enthusiasm and motivation with only one idea in mind: when I get back to work, I quit smoking! Add to that your motivation to get back into sports to keep fit and resume a healthy and balanced diet. In short, your new mantra: a healthy mind in a healthy body!

And to succeed in keeping these good resolutions, Kwit has prepared a short guide for you…

How to quit smoking when going back to work: the Kwitter Guide

To succeed in your withdrawal, Kwit advises you to follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Download Kwit, to start with, can be of great help for you. On the app, you can follow your progress and as soon as a cigarette craving appears, the application will boost your motivation and help you overcome your urge to smoke. Kwit will always be there for you. Shake your phone and a motivation card will appear to remind you that you are able to cope with this addiction. In your "Journal" you will have the opportunity to record your cravings, as well as the emotions and situations that trigger these sudden cravings. This way, little by little, you will understand where these cravings come from and learn to manage them and avoid "risky situations", i.e. those where you may be tempted to forget why you made the decision to quit smoking.

Step 2: Express your desire to quit smoking, tell your friends and family that you're giving up cigarettes! They need to be aware of your desire to quit smoking, so they will become partners of your success. Whenever you need it, call them, they'll be happy to help you. They will support you in difficult times and celebrate your successes with you. A real team effort!

If you have a loved one in this situation, don't hesitate to take a look at Kwit's article to get some good advice to help your loved one through this challenge.

Step 3: Ban all objects related to cigarettes. To avoid any temptation, give or sell what makes you think of smoking: cigarette packs, ashtrays, lighters. Design differently the places where you used to smoke at home. The goal? Encourage a change of habit by changing your environment.

Step 4: Survive your first days at work by overcoming your cravings! Cigarette breaks at 10am and 4pm already make you shiver: how to overcome this challenge successfully?

  • Remember the reasons WHY you chose to quit smoking

  • Open the app and shake your phone to boost your motivation

  • Don't take your breaks at the same time as your smoker colleagues. Offer them instead to go for a walk or to go to the common area to drink tea for example

  • It is also the opportunity to discover the smoke-free breaks with non-smokers: they will probably be happy to welcome you and help you in this ordeal. Some may even have been there before. Reading a testimony will surely do you some good and motivate you

  • Bring fruit to avoid throwing yourself at the vending machine for sweets and other candies :)

The whole team wishes you good luck if you have decided to quit smoking (at the beginning of the school year or at any other time), and don't forget: Kwit is here to help you! 💪


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