Stoptober: the 28-day stop smoking challenge

Stoptober is here again! Kwit, one of the 5 best applications to quit smoking, accompanies you during this challenge and even after! Launched by the British Government and the National Health Service, this 28-day stop smoking challenge encourages smokers to quit smoking and help them in this achievement.

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October 1, 2020

You want to begin a tobacco-free life but you need motivation and support? Join the Stoptober adventure and do not hesitate to download the Kwit app to help you during this challenge and even after!

A brief summary of Stoptober

Stoptober, what is it?

Stoptober is an annual campaign launched by the British Government and the National Health Service in 2012. Its main purpose is to help smokers to stop tobacco to begin a new smoke-free life. Since the first edition, it has encouraged close to 1.5 million people to try to stop smoking.

But why a 28-day public campaign to stop smoking?

Having better health is one of the reasons for quitting smoking. It is also a public health issue which concerns every smoker and even non-smokers alike such as your family and children. It is why the British Government launched this campaign in association with the National Health Service.

The main idea of this campaign is that if you can quit smoking for 28 days, you can quit for good. Stoptober is based on the principle that if you can stop for 28 days, you have 5 times more chances to stop smoking for good.

The other big principle of Stoptober is to face this step together. It is known that the hardest period in smoking cessation is the first month. Stopping is complicated. Smokers may try to quit several times, but if they are not encouraged, they are more likely to crack. As "alone, we go faster; together, we go further", the purpose of Stoptober is to support each other in this process. By the way, if you want more help and support during your smoking cessation, feel free to join the Kwitter Group on Facebook!

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How can Kwit help you during this stop smoking challenge?

You have decided to be part of the Stoptober adventure? You have heard about this initiative and want to help your loved ones such as your children, parents or partner? You can be proud of yourself: what you are doing is great!

Now you should start to prepare yourself because you will need support during your cessation. The Kwit app is here to reach your new tobacco-free life!

An app promoting a positive and playful way to stop smoking

Based on gamification, Kwit helps you during your smoking cessation in a positive and benevolent way. By using scientifically validated methods of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Kwit supports you to reach the smoke-free life of your dreams.

When you use Kwit, you feel like you are playing a game: you unlock levels, achievements, etc. The difference between Kwit and a random game is those achievements are about you and not about a fictional character. With Kwit, you become the hero of your life, and your mission, if you accept it, is to say goodbye to smoking for good.

Positive reinforcement promoted by Kwit will help you raise your self-esteem in this difficult period. The app also keeps track of all your cravings, so that you can better understand them and find ways to face it. By the way, you will never be criticized for bad behaviours, because it happens to everyone. On the contrary, the goal of Kwit is to motivate you throughout your smoking cessation, to congratulate and support you in difficult times!

Kwit’s action plan to stop smoking

To change your habits, you must prepare yourself. Here is Kwit’s action plan to stop smoking:

  1. Download the app, available both on the Appstore and on the Google PlayStore.
  2. Enter your smoking habits in the app. Note that you can also enter your use of electronic cigarette and NRT. These pieces of information will allow the app to help you understand your dependence and use of nicotine substitutes.
  3. Enter the 1st of October as your cessation date on Kwit.
  4. From there, Kwit accompanies you daily and helps you follow your progress day after day. The application keeps track of your exploits but also your cravings. Thus, you can understand your addiction and control it.
  5. Communicate your decision to stop. If your loved ones know about it, they will be able to help you better through your cessation.
  6. Analyze your diet and change it if necessary. A balanced diet facilitates smoking cessation by reducing its symptoms!
  7. Learn how to manage your stress.
  8. Believe in yourself, you can do it! In complicated moments, do not hesitate to consult your dashboard on the app to remember all your progress and success!

Where to find other Kwit’s tips?

During the process, perhaps you would like to have more advice? Do not forget to check our social networks such as Instagram and Twitter where we regularly published some tips. Feel free as well to join the Kwitter group on Facebook where you will find support and motivation.

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Stoptober, the perfect occasion to stop smoking

Stoptober is a worldwide known challenge to stop smoking. Need help to stop? Think to Kwit, one of the 5 best smoking cessation apps in the world! Stoptober is the perfect occasion to begin a smoking cessation because you can count on the support of every other challenger and of some public institutes.