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What is Kwit ?

Kwit is one of the leading smoking cessation mobile apps. It relies on evidence based smoking cessation scientific methods and helps you on a daily basis with positivity and kindness.

A scientific approach to smoking cessation

Kwit's method is inspired by cognitive and behavioral therapy principles. Playful, we have developed an original approach that guides you towards a smoke-free life.

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A personalized dashboard

From your profile and dashboard, keep track of your day-to-day progress and see how your withdrawal evolved. You will never be alone again to stop smoking.


Your diary to keep track of your journey

A desire? A relapse? This is not the end of the world. Note your sprains to understand your relationship to smoking and learn how to overcome it.

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From small victories to big celebrations

Because motivation is nurtured by encouragement, every stage of weaning is celebrated as a victory. Unlock the bearings one by one until you achieve a tobacco-free life.

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Shake to stay motivated

A strong urge to smoke? Shake your phone. We will always be there to boost you with exclusive tips and motivational messages.

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You can be proud of you

Quitting smoking is a personal victory. We are committed to not sharing your personal information and protecting your privacy.

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