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You dream of a productive company in which employees are healthy, freed from their addiction and more in peace with themselves? So why not help them quit smoking?

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Smoking cessation support is a Quality of Work Life (QWL) measure that will have a real impact on your company!

As everyone knows that smoking cessation is beneficial for the health of individuals. But it is not the only advantage: in the long run, when an employee stops smoking, he is less often absent, more concentrated and more confident, free from his nicotine addiction. This strongly increases his productivity, but also that of his company, which sees its costs related to smoking at work reduced considerably.

Today, corporate seminars and collective tobacco cessation programs, where one often attends in person, are not always convenient for employees and have not proven to be effective enough in the long term. This traditional smoking cessation method reached its limits concerning tobacco withdrawal.

What if the solution lies in mobile health?

With the digitalization of medicine, digital behavior change program are now new simple, effective and scientifically validated ways to stop smoking for good, without stigmatizing smokers seeking support with smoking cessation, by ensuring anonymity and long-term follow-up.

It's up to you! Seize the opportunity!

An American study showed that a smoker employee represents an extra cost of around 5.200$ per year for his company. At the same time, nearly half of all smokers would appreciate it if their company, as part of the Quality of Work Life, offered them a smoking cessation support.

Reduce your expenses!

What are the benefits of a smoke-free company?

I want to help my employees quit

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Productive and healthy employees

With 1.1 billion smokers in the world, smoking is a global societal problem. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable mortality, of cancer and of COPD. For several years, tobacco control has therefore become a priority, and in many countries smoking cigarettes has been prohibited in the workplace. An American study showed that nearly 20% of non-smoking workers were also exposed to tobacco, because of secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS).

It often happens that smoking areas are located in front of the company's entrance, leading non-smoking employees to suffer from their colleagues' passive smoking. Beyond the importance of protecting its smoking workforce from the dangers associated to tobacco consumption, the company must also ensure the well-being and safety of all its employees and their relatives. Indeed, by helping your company's employees quit smoking, you will help them improve their health and that of their loved ones.

Employee health protection can only increase their productivity and self-development, which will be felt in their work!

Moreover, the fact that this smoking cessation support is provided by their employer represents an additional advantage for them, since they benefit from the cessation program for free.

A performance lever for companies

According to a study on the impact of workplace smoking, a smoker represents an average extra cost of 5.200$ per year for his employer. These significant health costs have a real impact on companies, taking into account that on average a quarter of employees smoke.

This additional cost is linked to several factors that reduce the company's productivity, highlighted by research from the University of Ohio.

First, this decline in productivity is linked to higher absenteeism rates among smokers, who are more often sick because of the tobaccos harmful effects on their health.

The decline in productivity is also influenced by the opposite phenomenon of absenteeism, that is "presenteeism"; researchers refer to the power of nicotine, which acts on the dependent smoker. He may experience withdrawal symptoms within 30 minutes after his last cigarette. This affects his concentration, given the ban on smoking in workplaces applied to many countries.

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Cigarette breaks at work must also be taken into account.

Researchers believe that they are the biggest source of additional costs that a smoker imposes on his employer. This does not mean that non-smoking employees do not take any break, but they are relatively free to choose when to do so. On the contrary, smokers are under the influence of nicotine and have a strong urge to go out at certain well-defined times, which leaves them less flexibility in their work. In addition to this, smokers are often forced to go out to smoke (when there is no smoking room in the company), and this results in additional break times.

A last factor in the decline in performance of a company employing smokers should be considered: the cost of sick leave. As mentioned above, smokers are more often sick and this not only has an influence on the loss of performance in the workplace, but also represents a certain cost for the employer in terms of health insurance. Helping your employees quit smoking will lower your healthcare costs.

A healthy employee is more concentrated and more efficient.

So the well-being of an employee in a company and his good physical condition have an impact on his work; a healthy employee is more concentrated and therefore more efficient. By getting involved in the health of its employees, a company also ensures their attendance, and this attendance allows for regularity in the work, better follow-up and strong involvement on the part of employees in the missions entrusted to them.

Reflect the image of a caring employer and a committed partner

Finally, by offering a tobacco cessation program in your employee health protection program, your company benefits from a strong attractiveness as an employer brand, given the benefits perceived by employees attracted by QWL measures.

This argument also applies to the company's partners and customers: a company that invests in health and well-being at work reflects a positive image, seriousness and commitment that affects the relationship with customers.

Tobacco at work is a real barrier. Don’t wait any longer, improve the working conditions of your teams for their health and that of your company: help them quit smoking for good!

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KwitPro - A program to improve your Quality of Work Life

Kwit helps you to position yourself as a socially responsible company, concerned about Quality of Life at Work, by offering you a smoking cessation program specifically dedicated to companies and their employees. The smoking cessation application makes the benefits of mobile health available to your employees for the treatment of tobacco addiction.

Your program for a tobacco-free business in five steps:


Analysis of your company’s needs

We start with a free awareness and information campaign for your employees to make them aware of quitting smoking in a caring and non-culpable way, and to involve them in the process. This allows us to have an overview of the situation and assess the needs of your employees and their families. In fact, you can choose to extend this support to your employees' spouses and children, in order to ensure their well-being on the one hand, and to maximize your employees' chances of success on the other.


Communication campaign

Each employee wishing to quit smoking receives a support guide outlining the request and benefits of quitting smoking. Depending on the company's intentions, we also offer a wide range of media supports (flyers, banners, etc.) to communicate effectively on the initiative.


Smoking cessation program

Employees registered in the KwitPro program has access to all the features of the Premium version of the application for one year. This complete version allows users to regularly review their progress, but also to be motivated daily in their smoking cessation process and to unlock levels until they become the Ultimate Kwitter.


Monthly reporting

The employer receives a report every month, allowing him to monitor the commitment and progress of the participants in real time, in an anonymous and secure manner. It also allows you to communicate around this QWL measure and be proud of your involvement in the health and well-being of your employees

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Traditional methods to quit used by companies, such as seminars or smoking cessation meetings, require a high level of investment on the part of employees, who must take time out of their working hours to attend meetings. In addition, individuals find themselves among smokers, which can create a certain stigma. Finally, these seminars to encourage employees to stop smoking do not provide long-term support which leads employees to drop out more easily.

Why stop smoking with a mobile app?

All these flaws are addressed by mobile health (or m-health). In fact, a mobile application helps users cope with nicotine deficiency, manage withdrawal symptoms without nicotine substitutes, and motivates them on a daily basis to lead a smoke-free life.

An accessible and affordable solution

As a mobile application, Kwit has the advantage, over traditional workplace smoking programs, of being accessible to all your employees; all they need is a smartphone or a tablet. With Kwit, there is no time constraint nor the need to provide a conference room. Furthermore, the app provides daily support and is therefore present at the precise moments when the individual needs motivation and support to avoid relapses.

With Kwit, there is no time constraint or the need to provide a conference room.

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An anonymous and non-stigmatizing solution

With a digital behavior change solution, the employee is also assured of the anonymous nature of his addiction’s treatment, in regards to his employer. Health is a sensitive issue, and it is essential that the employee feels confident and free to move forward at his own pace during the period of his smoking cessation. Also, the employee who chooses to quit smoking is not subject to a certain stigmatization that he may feel in group cessation programs.

A long-term support

KwitPro ensures a follow-up of your employees over one year, renewable according to the needs of the former smokers. The guarantee of long-term support is a real advantage for both the employee and the company. Withdrawal symptoms may still be felt several months after the former smoker's quit date. He can relapse or drop out at any time, and that is why faithful and lasting support, which encourages the user not to let himself be tempted by this addiction and to accept his desires and relapses, is necessary.

An adaptable program

Finally, by choosing to support your employees with an application, you ensure that all those who wish to do so will have access to this offer; Kwit has no maximum limit of users, and can thus very easily extend to more employees and their families.

A non-drug solution

Kwit does not require the use of any nicotine drugs or substitutes. Support is based on positive reinforcement, kindness and gamification. The user is led to analyze and understand his cravings. He is also informed about his progress, the benefits of his withdrawal on his health and daily life, and the symptoms of quitting smoking that he can face.

Evidence-based smoking cessation solution

Kwit is based on therapeutic principles. Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies focus on the interactions between thoughts, emotions and behaviors. These therapies concentrate on the current problems of individual, while taking into account its historical causes. They gradually help to overcome the symptoms of quitting smoking and aim to strengthen the user's self-confidence, in order to help him stay smoke-free.

Treat several addictions with one application!

The scientific methods on which Kwit is based make it possible to treat many addictions, following the same mechanisms and with the same benevolence. Addictions to e-cigarettes, alcohol, or cannabis can soon be treated in a simple, fun and effective way thanks to one same application, Kwit.

Don't hesitate any longer! Kwit is the application your employees need to be healthier and more productive at work.

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