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Sondage ELABE , 2019


of employees consider addictive practices to be common in their working environment.


of employees say they are uninformed about how to discuss the subject with a colleague.


of employees would find it useful to have an addiction awareness policy put into place.

Healthier business and employees

As you become an addiction-free company, you will increase productivity, but more importantly, you will improve your employees well-being at work.

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240 billion

Represents the annual social cost of tobacco and alcohol in France (P. Kopp).

10 to 20%

Represents the proportion of work-related accidents linked to addictive behavior.


Represents the number of deaths per year linked to tobacco and alcohol consumption.

1 in 2

Represents the proportion of employees who smoke who would like their employer to offer a solution to help them quit.

Collective benefits

Tobacco, alcohol or cannabis, all these addictive behaviors have health, social and environmental impacts that can be improved.

Meet our experts

Luz Adriana Bustamante

Luz Adriana Bustamante

Head of science and TCC psychologist, Thesis CIFRE

Mickael Ehrminger

Mickael Ehrminger

Head of Partnerships, Doctor in Public Health

Anne-Laure Laratte

Anne-Laure Laratte

Dietitian and addiction therapist

Ketty Deléris

Ketty Deléris

Dietitian and addiction therapist

Our solutions for a healthier company

Our experts help you to help your employees with their addictions and improve their personal well-being.

Raising awareness

The awareness workshop

  • To raise awareness of the negative health consequences of substance use.
  • To understand the mechanisms of addiction and the different types of consumption.
  • Guiding people towards existing solutions to get out of addiction.

Going further

Awareness Day

  • Take stock of the use of common substances (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis).
  • To help understand deciding factors linked to consumption.
  • Benefit from an individual interview with a health professional.

Getting started

Mixed support

  • Supporting employees will to stop smoking or reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Group sessions.
  • Challenges and motivational content.

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Support your employees towards a life without addiction

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