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Kwit has been built around the concept of gamification, a powerful motivational tool. On the Kwit app, gamification is used to induce changes in the users’ behaviors in order to help them stay strong during the smoking cessation process. Gamification makes smoking cessation entertaining by adding playful elements to the whole quitting process.

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Positive reinforcement

Because the most important thing when quitting smoking is to feel good, Kwit uses positive reinforcement to raise the self-confidence of its users. Kwit encourages good behavior without criticizing the bad ones. This guilt-free approach values the user and reinforces his motivation. Very effective in both short and long terms, the user is guided in his cessation, one small success at a time.

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Cognitive and behavioral therapies

Cognitive and behavioral therapies are brief, scientifically validated therapies that focus on the interactions between thoughts, emotions and behaviors. These therapies focus on the person's current problems, while taking into account their original causes. They help to progressively overcome disabling symptoms and aim at reinforcing appropriate behaviors.

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