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Getting back into sports to quit smoking

Are you afraid of the side effects of quitting smoking? Why don't you get back to sports? It is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Physical exercise will give you a boost, and it will make it much easier for you to stop.

a woman crying with a smile drawn on a paper in front of her mouth.

Cigarette and depression — is there really a link?

Quitting smoking is a real challenge. Yes, your cigarette was a daily companion, present in almost every moment, so the separation is often harsh. But is this abandonment really related to depression? Explanations.

woman stretching in a bed

Sleep disorders and smoking cessation: what is the link?

You have sleep disorders but you don't know why? It's a step in quitting smoking, but don't worry, it doesn't last!Kwit explains everything in this article.

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I smoke, what are the consequences for my child?

You are a parent, you smoke and you want to know the consequences smoking has on your children? Kwit answers all your questions in this article.

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3 steps to motivate yourself and resist your cravings

Many of us think of ourselves that we don't have the capacity required to overcome our addiction, when all it takes is a little motivation! Of course, this motivation does not always come in the snap. But there are ways to cultivate it and stay on course.

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How to transform your fears into a source of courage

How can we overcome this fear that prevents us from moving forward and freeing ourselves from our dependence? The answer is to turn fear into courage. Decryption.

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