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How to manage stress when you quit smoking

For many people, quitting smoking can be very stressful. We often have the wrong idea that smoking is relaxing, so, when we quit smoking, we have to find alternatives to be able to manage our stress. Kwit explains you how to achieve this.

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Five preconceived ideas that prevent you from quitting smoking

You keep talking yourself out of the idea of quitting smoking. We have identified and studied five of the most common misconceptions that are preventing you from quitting smoking, and we are going to uncover them in the following article. So let's take a look at them, are they true or false?

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How to convince your parents to quit smoking

It is not unusual to hear children say to their parents: "Mom or Dad (sometimes to both of them), please stop smoking, it is not good for you". In this article, you will learn how to convince them.

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7 Myths on Smoking Cessation

Let's discover together 7 preconceived ideas about tobacco and smoking cessation. Are all of them true?

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Find your 5 senses and taste to life by quitting smoking!

We all know that smoking is dangerous for our health, but we know too little that smoking affects our sense of smell, taste, vision, and even our hearing! Fortunately, weaning allows us to have them quickly back, let's see how.

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Getting back into sports to quit smoking

Are you afraid of the side effects of quitting smoking? Why don't you get back to sports? It is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Physical exercise will give you a boost, and it will make it much easier for you to stop.

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