Nicotine and caffeine, a detrimental pair

Coffee and tobacco consumptions often go hand in hand. Why is that so ? Is this combination really dangerous ? The evidence tends to prove that mixing nicotine and caffeine may not be a good and safe idea. Here’s why.

Guidelines for a tobacco-free pregnancy

Between the cigarette and your child, the decision is simple and final: Farewell tobacco! If your pregnancy provides you the motivation you need, be sure of one thing: it will be tough struggle. This is why Kwit proposes a guideline for a tobacco-free pregnancy.

Kwit Supports You During The "Moi(s) Sans Tabac"… And Beyond!

On the occasion of the « Mois Sans Tabac » take up the challenge and stop smoking! The challenge seems impossible to you? Don’t panic, Kwit explains everything. And remember, it's never too late to become a superhero and stop smoking for good.

Smoking at Work

More and more companies realize that their performance is directly impacted by their employees' health and lifestyle. It is precisely the reason why some organizations have developed stop smoking support programs aimed at improving the Quality of Life at Work.

Quit Smoking & Gain Weight: Myth or Reality?

Most smokers are convinced that stopping smoking is synonymous with putting on a few extra pounds… Do not dramatize! Weight gain is not inevitable. Kwit explains how to avoid it.

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