Looking back on 2019

2019 was a year full of twists and turns and we will now take stock of this great year. International events, changes to the app, and most importantly, the connections within our community have grown stronger! 2019’s recap πŸ’ƒ

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March 14, 2020

More and more people are joining the Kwitters community and you have inspired us again this year. More than 4000 of you are following us on our networks (not counting the support groups!) and the app has been downloaded more than 1,800,000 times 😱. Let's have a look at what we've been through together.

The Kwitters community has been amazing…

Everyone is working towards the same goal: a healthier, happier and longer life without tobacco!

We decided to create Facebook groups so you can interact and support each other during your smoking cessation. The English group was created during Stoptober in October and the French group was launched during the Tobacco-Free Month in France. Both groups currently have close to 600 members who are ready to support each other during the difficult time they face when quitting smoking.

Regarding your performance, here are some numbers to boost your motivation in 2020 πŸ˜‰ We counted:

  • 2,388,665,761 non-smoked cigarettes
  • 703,074,352€ in savings
  • 9,753,502 achievements unlocked
  • A total of 10491 years of life expectancy
  • 8.8 billion liters of water not polluted
  • 33.4 tons of COβ‚‚ not emitted

2019 was a great year for you and thanks to you, you can be proud of it !

… and we worked a lot πŸ’ͺ

Our biggest project this year was to redesign our Android app to harmonize it with its iOS version (Apple). Many thanks to Christophe, Paul and Loic who worked on this project). Both apps are now identical and have a fresh design!

By popular demand, we also looked into nicotine substitutes to include them in the app and thus better understand and support you. The development of this feature is still in progress but it will be released soon, promise 😜.

Finally, we had the opportunity to develop another version of Kwit in partnership with the National Cancer Institute specifically designed for apprentice training centers and vocational high schools in France. This project, called Tabado aims to help young people quit smoking in a playful way by encouraging them to quit with their peers. The app works similarly to the version available on your app store.

… and we traveled too!

Besides caring for our beloved app, we also ventured out of our offices to attend events to meet professionals and individuals and build up our notoriety.

We had the opportunity to attend interesting conferences and to exhibits at the Websummit in Lisbon in November 2019. This was a unique opportunity to meet users from all over the world and develop business and friendly relationships with other start-ups.

We also had the chance to participate in the CSFT (French-Speaking Society of Tobacco Congress) in Ajaccio. We were proud to be part of this event for specialists in smoking cessation. The fact that doctors, nurses and tobacco specialists were already recommending Kwit strengthened the idea that the combined use of (Cognitive and Behavioral Theories, of positive reinforcement and gamification is what makes us stand out and be successful.

We were able to attend:

  • Viva Technology in Paris in May
  • 360 Possibles in Strasbourg in June
  • CES Unveiled in Paris in October
  • Web Summit in Lisbon in November

We were also featured on television (BFM TV), on the radio (Europe 1, France Bleu, …), and many articles were written about us (France 3 RΓ©gion, El Correo, Grazia, L'internaute, Femme Actuelle, etc). All of this wouldn't be possible without your trust and support ❀️

What’s next?

The Kwit team is working on some surprises πŸŽ‰, including

  • A newsletter for more advices and more support during your withdrawal
  • The addition of a nicotine substitute monitoring tool in the app

Our developers are working relentlessly on new features so that Kwit can help you stop smoking as effectively as possible.

In conclusion

2019 has been a wonderful year full of emotions for both you and our team. We are truly grateful for being able to provide you with the motivation you need to quit smoking. We have dedicated the last 3 years of our lives supporting you and we want to continue for a long time to come. You are our inspiration 😘

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If you need support, don't hesitate to join our support group!