Is quitting smoking thanks to hypnosis possible?

Among the different solutions you can find to quit smoking, have you ever considered trying hypnosis? Find out more information on this alternative technique, which could perhaps help you overcome your addiction.

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January 16, 2019

What is hypnosis?

During a hypnotic session, your state of consciousness is altered and the hypnotherapist can then have access to your subconscious. We call this state a light or deep hypnotic state depending on the cases. Hypnosis can help you relieve numerous disorders, and not only a smoking addiction.

How is hypnosis used in the smoking cessation process?

When a smoker takes a cigarette, he/she inhales nicotine but also thousands of other chemical products. Nicotine is often mentioned because it can be considered a genuine drug as it releases dopamine, which is frequently referred to as the pleasure chemical. Thus, each time he/she smokes a cigarette, the smoker will experience a general feeling of well-being, which increases the dependence, all the more so as the cigarette is generally associated with specific moments such as during a coffee break or after a meal.

Thanks to hypnosis, the practitioner is targeting the patient’s habits in order to change them. He will also focus on the control of emotions so as to diminish the frustration the patient can feel as well as the withdrawal symptoms he/she may experience. Another method aims at sparking off a feeling of disgust regarding the taste of tobacco so that the patient will immediately put a cigarette down when he/she puts one between his/her lips.

What about the effectiveness of hypnosis?

It is hard to give a precise answer to this question since the studies on the subject differ. However, it seems that hypnosis is among the most effective methods to stop smoking naturally. In 2007, an American study showed that hypnosis was 3 times as effective as patches to quit smoking. a comprehensive meta-analysis looked at more than 600 studies that examined various smoking cessation methods. More than 70,000 smokers were included in the analysis.

Overall, the analysis found some compelling results for hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis was deemed two times more effective than self-care methods, like reading self-help books or quitting cold turkey.
  • Hypnosis was twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy with nicotine gum.
  • Hypnosis was three times more effective than physician interventions that involved more than counseling.

Where is it performed? How is it done?

To quit smoking thanks to hypnosis, you only have to schedule an appointment with a hypnotherapist. Just like every other branches of alternative medicine, you will find good and bad practitioners. The best tip we can give you to find a skilled hypnotherapist is to rely on word of mouth. Dealing with a smoking addiction through hypnosis generally requires only two sessions, which is relatively cheap to stop completely. If you calculate what your smoking habits cost you, you will see that the money you spend for a hypnotherapist are actually quickly profitable!

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